Texas Tractor Crankin’

Today we had the pleasure to attend our first Texas tractor show!

WWE Network Get 1 Month FREE & WWE Tough Enough Premiers June, 23, 2015

Are you a hard core WWE wresting fan who just can't get enough of the action? If so then you need the WWE Network in your life!

Gunner’s Leukemia Maintenance Phase For Chemo Is A Rollercoaster

Once he gets to the Maintenance phase of chemo, your life will get back to a new normal.

Cocktails For Spring Celebrations Featuring Captain Morgan Rum & Crown Royal

Spring showers bring May flowers and NEW flavors of Captain Moragn Rum! Are you craving sun, sweltering heat, and Caribbean-inspired drinks? Captain Morgan has added pineapple, coconut, and grapefruit to their portfolio for your drinking pleasure!

5 High Protein Snacks For Kids

As parents it can be a struggle to find healthy foods our kids love to eat! I'm not sure about you but my kids aren't going to pick high protein snacks if the pantry is filled with junk food. Once you take the temptation for empty calorie

Gunner Goes To School ~ Battling Childhood Cancer

Gunner surprised me last Wednesday night. He said, "Momma I'm going back to school on Friday!"

Gunner Battles Leukemia Chemo Treatment Update

Today was Gunner's appointment in Austin. I have been so worried for the past few days. Will his counts be low or too high? A fluctuation either way can be a sign of a relapse or infection requiring a hospital stay.

Medieval Times Buy One Ticket Get One Free

Looking to break up the monotony of the week or experience something NEW and exciting on vacation? Create memories that will last a lifetime when you bring your family to experience The Excitement of Medieval Times this Spring Break!