Tengah HDB – 3 Things You Need To Know About The Latest Housing Estate            

The new rising real estate of Tengah HDB in Singapore is the new player in the little community that will serve as a home for thousands of residents upon completion. Singapore is experiencing an exciting development for HDB flats for a housing estate, with the aim of better sustainability and greener living in the busy district.

Tengah is in the neighbouring districts of Bukit Panjang, Jurong West and Chao Chu Kang. The estate will be composed of several housing districts with a rough size of 7.4 km2.

One can find Tengah plantation district and Forest Hill, Brickland, etc., and it’s the newest budding neighbourhood in the little red dot! If you aren’t in the know and want to discover more about Tengah, perhaps it’s about time to learn about the newest ‘forest town’. Without further ado, here are some things to know about Tengah HDB:

  1. It aims to be a smart and sustainable town

Sustainability matters more than ever. With the growing concern for the global climate and ecology, Singapore plays a role in becoming a significant part of a solution. The cities here are in the active process of migrating to greener and more sustainable solutions for tomorrow. Hence Tengah HDB, as a new town, aims to be Singapore’s largest sustainable town with the ability to conserve energy and use smart and greener technology for residents’ everyday life.

  1. It will promote urban farming

Urban farming is more than just a trend for near-future cities aiming for greener technology. It is a solution for diversifying food sources apart from enhancing vegetation cover in an area. Tengah HDB will feature urban farming, such as farm ways that are interconnected with one another. There will be enough and sufficient space for urban farming where residents can plant crops and harvest them as a source of food.

  1. Better town design for better convenience

Future homeowners can look forward to a smarter way of living geared for better convenience apart from greener sustainability. From housing plantations to connection with Jurong East’s MRT Station, many can expect a level of accessibility in other areas in terms of commute and adoption of modern technology for better wind flow. One can also expect lower temperatures and natural ventilation in the area. All in all, it is a town for future living without compromising our ecology.

If you are looking for more info about the Tengah HDB housing district, contact myTengah today!