Learning The 8 Different Types Of Industrial Property In Singapore

When most people talk about real estate, they often think of commercial and residential and not industrial. Commercial real estate typically houses different types of buildings that many people, including you, know and go to daily, such as retail stores and offices. Residential ones involve lots of residences where people sleep and live. While industrial property in Singapore, on the other hand, typically is the property where goods get made, stored, and shipped.

Eight different types fall under the category of industrial property in Singapore. This guide list will help you determine which type among the eight can work and meet your needs.


These large, capital-intensive, giant plants will need a facility housing all their specialised equipment, heavy-duty goods, and machinery. A b1 industrial space for rent can be beneficial, as they typically need something spacious. These companies need at least hundreds of thousands of square feet. All these spaces are for production.


Companies hiring a light assembly industrial property in Singapore can also require a gigantic space. However, the difference is that the first type works for more spacious business purposes. On the other hand, the light assembly is perfect for companies producing smaller parts and needs little storage.


Another reason to look for a B2 industrial space for rent is for the shipment and distribution of goods. Distribution warehouses generally come in 50,000 square feet or even more. This type works best for business inventories and as a centralised location to ensure consumers receive their orders instantly, no matter the distance.


Another industrial property type in Singapore is general warehouses, which work well for distribution purposes. Many businesses opt for this one because they typically have a lower door-to-square footage ratio. This size is perfect for specialised industrial intentions and products that do not require constant moving, such as cold storage.


Like general-purpose warehouses, this industrial property in Singapore works on the other end of the spectrum from the prior type. The purpose of this one is entirely devoted to transportation. A truck terminal is a site where products get loaded and shipped from one truck to another.


If you’re looking for an industrial space for rent in Singapore that can house everything, you need an enormous space like a Research and development building. R&Ds have enough areas for your office, manufacturing, and other business aspects.


A data centre is a highly specialised industrial property in Singapore that keeps the internet running around well-established and large companies. These centres make cloud storage and connection accessible for many businesses, as they can power thousands of equipment, computer servers, and telecom switching gear.