Invaluable Lessons to Learn From These 5 TV Shows

Watching TV shows is just another form of entertainment for us. In a way, it is also a distraction from our stressful daily routine and lives. So, while it is just that, there are moments when TV shows can also teach us a thing or two about life and its struggles. While situations in TV shows can be highly exaggerated for the sake of comedy and drama, you can still find some pieces of advice given here and there that apply to real-life scenarios just as well. Some shows have more situations like that than others. Today, we will be looking at some of the popular TV shows and the advice and lessons they have offered to the audience. So, let’s get started!


The first one on this list is, of course, Friends! Who hasn’t watched Friends, right? While some people have not watched this popular show, they have most definitely heard of it. After all, it’s not something that’s new or something that’s not a popular choice of conversation. It makes for a great conversation starter as well! “Who’s your favorite character in Friends?” “Who do you relate to the most in Friends?” So, enough about the popularity of the show, let’s move on to the lessons that they have taught us in this show. 

The first important lesson that we have learned through Friends is that blood doesn’t have to be thicker than water in every case. While the family is something you can rely on, it might not always be the case. In that scenario, your friends are the family that you choose and can rely on during the toughest of times. Moreover, this wasn’t the only lesson taught to us through that show. It also teaches us about the fact that finding your soulmate, your true love, is not restricted to one time or one age only. Rather, no matter what your age, and even if you have been through some failed marriages, like in Ross’s case, you are bound to find the perfect person for you!

Friends also touch on the topic of parenting and how it is quite tough. While this was already an obvious fact, it doesn’t hurt to get a reminder and look into life with a child. As beautiful as the idea of parenthood is, it is no easy feat and should be thought about carefully. Following your passion is another lesson being taught through the show. Following your dreams is not easy and is most definitely challenging. You are bound to face many hurdles and problems on that path but if you stick to it relentlessly and face these challenges head-on, you can become successful and build a career for yourself. This is something almost all characters faced in the show. On a lighter note, there is also the fact that keeping a duck as a pet is a bad idea.

The Simpsons

Another popular animated TV series, The Simpsons, has won the hearts of many people across the world and while it is not preferred by some audiences, it is still a show that is talked about often and makes for a great conversation starter once again. Even if you haven’t seen the show, you must have seen the memes and the controversy of how the show predicts the future multiple times. This show teaches us that siblings, despite how annoying and irritating they may be, will always be there for you, no matter what. Another important thing you get to learn from this show is that a family can be dysfunctional and loving at the same time. Most lessons in this show are related to family and their importance in your life.

Full House

Those of you, who have watched this show, be honest. You have a soft spot for Michelle and she was your favorite character for most of the show! While this show was not as popular as the first two on this list, it was still a very loved show and especially came back into the spotlight with the release of “Fuller House” which was a continuation of the character’s lives much later when the girls had all grown up and had kids of their own. The show is very family-oriented and focuses on the growth and maturity of three girls under their father’s, uncle’s, and their father’s friend’s care. While there is a stereotype of single fathers not being able to care for their children well, this show convinces people otherwise. With a little help (or a lot!), the girls go through different stages of life and learn to grow with each lesson. 

It also makes for a great humorous show as it teaches you that you can get away with many things if you are cute enough. Although, there are some times when being cute just doesn’t cut it. Being honest with your family and sharing your thoughts and troubles with them also helps to resolve any misunderstandings and strengthens your bond.


Another famous TV show on this list, Suits, teaches us a powerful lesson, of never giving up. Going after your goals and dreams is never an easy task, but if you’re persistent enough, you can get where you want to be! However, this is not just done by sheer persistence, rather it can be achieved by having a good tutor and a guide to help you figure out your goal and the way to achieve it. While it may be embarrassing to seek out help from someone, it is never bad to learn new things and try to be in a better role. So, don’t be afraid of asking for help and try, try again till you make it!

How I Met Your Mother

Another popular show that has won the hearts of many people mainly shares many powerful messages about relationships. It teaches us that when it comes to building and maintaining relationships with someone you love deeply, there are sacrifices and compromises involved. A relationship is not just full of happiness and flowery moments. There are ugly moments and hardships, but if you are willing to go through it together, you are bound to come out stronger!

Where can I find these shows?

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The next time someone tells you to quit watching TV and that it’s completely unrealistic, share with them these points to show them how TV shows carry some realism about life and its struggles. While you might not learn these things by reading about them, you can definitely retain more information while you’re watching the show. So, go ahead and turn on your favorite show and see if they have some lessons and deep messages hidden as well!