Tips To Prevent Hair Breakage In Men

There comes a time when we all face the hair breakage in our life due to any reason.  The causes of hair breakage may vary from person to person but most of the causes are the same in a man.  Let’s forget what causes the breakage in our here and focus on the prevention of this problem.  We are presenting a guide from the barbershop Manhattan which is containing all the tips to prevent hair breakage in men.

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Prevent Hair Breakage In Men

There are some tips for the men to reverse the hair breakage in them. All of these tips are much easy and simple to follow. When you are trying any of these tips, consistency is always expected. Consistency in following the tips is going to give you quick and effective results.

Prevent Hair From Sun Exposure

We all are aware that men are sometimes ask with their here and you will see no prevention while going out in the sun.  This is the reason that greying of hair and hair damage more than the women.  Therefore it is highly recommended to use a cap or other hair products to prevent the damages which are caused by the UV rays.

To prevent your hair from sun rays, you can use the hair conditioner after each shampoo.  Hair conditioners play a crucial role to protect your hair cells from harmful rays.

Use Conditioner

As mentioned above that hair conditioner plays a crucial role in providing good health to hair. Therefore, you can protect your hair from different hair issues just by using the hair conditioner on regular basis. Here, on the regular basis we mean, after each shampoo session.

Oiling The Hair

No matter which type of hair products are used by you, if you are careless in oiling then nothing is going to help. The absence of oiling in your routine not only causes the hair breakage but also the dryness in the hair. The best oils for the hair strands and for the scalp are

  • Olive oil
  • Almond oil
  • Coconut oil

You can use a mixture of one or more oil. Adding the oil with the egg or honey along with milk can also be a good approach.

Healthy Diet Matters

Maybe you are eating the meals in the absence of essential nutrients or vitamins and hence you face the hair breakage. You can eat food that is rich in vitamins, protein, and nutrients. As well as, taking the supplements is also a good option. The amount of vitamins and protein in your body is reflected on your hair strands.


Along with the other hair care remedies, haircuts at the right time helps a lot. If you are noticing excessive hair breakage or spilled ends then cutting the hair is a good option. Remove the split ends by trimming and notice the healthy growth of hair.

Avoid Smoking

The barbershop manhattan mentioned avoiding smoking because it really harm your hair. It may reduce the antioxidants from the body which results in hair loss and hair breakage. Chain smokers faces several hair problems because of the hormonal imbalance in their body. Avoid smoking and you will notice the reverse of the hair problems.

Don’t Towel Dry

You all are going to agree on the point that we are harsh with our hair when it comes to dry them. We just start rubbing the towel on our head which actually ruins the hair. The professionals of barbershop manhattan recommend avoiding the towel dry. Let your hair dry naturally or pat dry them. Moreover, blow-dry can be beneficial for your hair.

Use Silk Pillowcase

A cotton pillowcase is somehow harmful for our hair strand because of several reasons. Try to switch your cotton pillowcase with the silk one and notice the change in hair’s health. You will notice a quick reduction in the hair breakage after this switching.

Hair Products

You must be aware of your skin type while purchasing the hair products. There is a possibility that you are not using suitable products according to the scalp and hair type. Know about their type and then go ahead with the suitable products. For dry hair, use products that are rich in milk and healthy oils. While on the other hand, for the oily scalp, use the products with the presence of aloe Vera in them.

Additional Tips To Reverse The Breakage

Medications: there is a wide range of the medication which are available in market to improve the health of hair. Consult a good hair doctor to get the best recommendations according to the texture of your hair.

Scalp massage: massage actually the best tip to prevent almost all of the hair issues. It boosts blood circulation and hence improves the health of the scalp.

Following the home remedies: you can also find and follow some simple home remedies if you have enough time to follow these. Again, for the home remedies, consistency is expected for the right results in a quick manner.

To Wrap It Up

Hair breakage in men may happen because of their carelessness in the hair care routine. Most of the men never pay attention to hair care and hence face bad scalp and hair strands. It is quite obvious that men are most likely to interact with dust, sun rays, and pollutants. And that’s why they should follow the hair care routine to reverse their hair problems. The barbershop in Manhattan is presenting the guide which is rich in simple tips. It is crucial to mention that, this guide is not only helpful for the hair breakage but also reverses the other hair problems. To reduce hair fall, grey hair, and thin hair issues, following this guide will really help you. Moreover, for honest recommendations, you can approach the barbershop uptown.

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