Why Should We Care About Sustainable Real Estate?

The way we live right now is not sustainable. Most of the trash we use ends up as waste in landfills, we destroy our precious natural resources to get what we need, and most of all, we do not appreciate the green spaces we have. It is time that we do our best to reduce our footprints and ensure a future for everyone. These concerns are why we need real estate sustainability.

When we talk about sustainability in general, we envision products, actions, or services that cause the least impact on our environment. To be ‘sustainable’ is to ensure that you lessen your waste and care about cleaner, greener methods of living. Nowadays, a sustainable development project is a symbol of our societal goal to safely live on Earth without making too much of an impact.

Real estate is one sector where we can become truly sustainable. Here are a few ways we can accomplish this.

1) Follow LEED-certified guidelines

LEED means Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Used worldwide, it is a green building certification programme that emphasises cleaner living. If you see LEED certified buildings, it means they have done much to help lessen their buildings’ environmental impact.

2) Reduce paper and print in the building

Real estate properties like offices and condominiums use tons of paper yearly that goes to waste. You can avoid unsustainable paper and print usage by going digital. Many spaces have switched to virtual and digital tools instead of paper.

3) Choose green materials for building your spaces

Green materials are not only confined to construction and building. For sustainable real estate, ensure you use green materials for furnishings and accessories.

Arthaland is on the front end of the line for fulfilling sustainable development goals in the Philippines. Reach out to Arthaland to know more about how you can be a part of this unique social and environmental change.