Are You Aware of What You Must Do Before Sanding and Polishing of the Floors at Home?

While doing any home renovation or building a new home, your day when you will start floor sanding and polishingof your floors is very important because that activity is related to a few other activities like carpentry, plastering, and electrical, plumbing, and also glazing works. All these must be completed before you start this activity.

For best results, make sure that all other tradies have completed their jobs or they are not present during your floor sanding work. Your flooring installation must have been completed by now and now you are going to do the finishing activity.

The following things that you must do before taking up this activity.

  1. Plan ahead

Before starting this activity, you must prepare a checklist of various activities that you must do prior to starting your polishing and sanding work. You need to coordinate with other tradies who are perhaps doing many other activities that must be completed before you start this job. You also need to clear the space for tradies.

  1. Remove all furniture

Just a day before, when the tradies of the flooring company will arrive to start the work, you must remove all the furniture to a certain safer place. That is because during the sanding and polishing work, lots of dust will get generated and that should not get deposited in your furniture.

  1. Protect your wall joints

After clearing the space, you must protect different parts of your room where sanding work will not be needed. Your areas adjacent to the floor can get damaged if they are left unprotected.

You must cover every joint of the wall by using painters’ tape. Seal any areas where dust can enter that also includes chimneys and vents.

  1. Keep sufficient ventilation

The tradies who will be working in the room should not get suffocated due to dust generated by the sanding work. Therefore, make sure that your room is well ventilated. If your windows are latched then they should be opened so that fresh air can come in.

This work may continue for a few days depending upon your floor space and hence you must be ready for that.

  1. Before every step clean

As we mentioned before that lots of dust will get generated during the process and therefore you need to clean the area regularly wherever dust gets accumulated. 

  1. Do proper inspection or repair

Lastly, you need to very carefully inspect your flooring so that you do not see any broken floorboards, popping nailheads, or bent nails. Make sure that your floor remains as flat as possible.

Uneven surfaces can also cause your sanding machine to skip and may lead to a certain scratch or damage on your floor and can delay the process.

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