Tips on How to book Top desert safari tours in Dubai 2022?

Anyone who had the pleasure of hearing about Dubai knows how the Dubai Desert is definitely one of the most thrilling adventures guests and tourists can partake in.   Yet, Prospective guests are in a dilemma about choosing the most enjoyable Dubai Desert Safari within Dubai. 

There are many operators that offer Desert Safari Dubai Packages, and the cost of each package would be contingent on the amenities included within the Bundle. 

There are a variety of prices for desert safari in Dubai. Desert safari Dubai’s cost varies depending on the tour operator, despite most tour operators offering similar experiences. However, it’s the ability that the chauffeur has, insurance, and campsite facilities that distinguish the tour operator from the other.

It’s a must to go on as the desert safari is an unforgettable experience that is full of excitement and thrill all in one package. The most enjoyed activity that desert safari offers to all guests and tourists includes the post-lunch Desert safari and dune bashing which is followed by delicious, tasty BBQ Dinner. 

There are also day trips included in certain Desert safari deals, but the heat and temperature make it a painful journey to take in. 

Tourists and visitors can have the option of staying for the night in a tent under the night sky. It is surely an extremely relaxing moment of the whole journey. These kinds of activities should be on the top of your list to take part in when you visit Dubai. 

Therefore, the visitor or tourist must be provided with the correct package and most importantly, the best operator that will give the visitor a wealth of memories during the journey.

The size of the group and the nature of the camp

Many visitors or tourists from abroad who want to enjoy the pleasure of a Desert Safari or Dune bashing do not realize that there is a number of camps to choose from; therefore, always inquire about the kind of camps provided by the tour operator. One of the most crucial elements to consider when selecting the ideal Desert safari in Dubai. Below are the different types of camps available in numerous Desert Safari Dubai Deals.

Camps shared with other companies. Offer the best value for those looking to take a trip on a budget. However, they might not meet your expectations. Therefore, be prepared for this since good things do cost money.

Large private camps:

The camp’s size is typically smaller than shared camping, but it certainly offers you more private space. Be ready for a crowded desert, a lack of personal service, and long lines for buffets. The amount of guests ranges from 50 to 600 guests. You can also choose a private vehicle safari in order to spend the best time in Dubai. 

Private camps for small groups: 

Numerous businesses offer these private camping facilities, but you’ll be assured of receiving the highest quality of service and an intimate feeling of the location because it provides the ability to customize your experience according to guest preferences and requirements. Perfect for families, couples, or guests who have traveled extensively and wish to celebrate special events.

Private Set-up Camps: 

The private set-up camp gives you a private space. The number of staff members is huge. The experience is exclusive and unsurpassed. The high-end service is outstanding.

You need to initially make sure if the company is the business or is a wholesaler of safaris. If a business is an exclusive safari company, it is more likely to customize, amending, or accomodating specific requests from guests. Instead, they are more focused on Desert Safari deals, providing a more enjoyable experience. 

For those who are safari wholesalers, the desert safari is one of the offerings offered by the business, and it’s not surprising that they are not likely to put all of their staff on this Desert Safari activity. However, the options for customization are generally limited, which means you might not get to experience the way you’d like to.

Furthermore, many companies tend to have their own employees accompanying guests on safari. Find companies that employ freelancing safari guides. Although some of the safari guides freelancers have a great understanding of the region, the majority of them aren’t popular. 

Types of Drives: Dune bashing or wildlife Safari

If you’re healthy and fit, and you love adrenaline-filled sports and rollercoasters and have no prior history of medical conditions, then likely you’ll like the thrill of dune bashing. Dune bashing isn’t for the faint-hearted. However, it’s an incredible experience for those who love adventure.

Even though the dune bashing adventure can last between 10 and 30 minutes, it’s likely to provide you with an unforgettable experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life. If you’re looking for a more comfortable drive, you must opt for the wildlife safari. This type of safari is great for families with kids and guests who are older. 

The Dubai Desert permits only two businesses to conduct safaris for wildlife within the Reserve. You’ll experience a more secure safari and be more exciting. Choose a more exciting adventure, and pick one according to your preferences. There are a variety of Desert Safari deals you can pick from. 


Whatever person recommends you to a specific firm, the reputation of the company’s safari experience is a major factor when selecting a specific company to be the top Desert Safari in Dubai. At the same time, customer reviews and recommendations will always be beneficial and help you choose any safari firm. 

It is unlikely that you will receive an honest suggestion from the locals, especially the hotel staff. Be sure to research their reputation and the company’s credibility in offering dessert safaris before selecting one. In the end, if you want to have the best Desert Safari Dubai experience, you’ll have to choose the top company providing such services.