The Brand Which Is Doing More Than Possible For The French Bulldog

The one friend who will never stop loving you even for a moment is your pet. The bond people slowly tend to grow with their house pet is just something spectacular. Many have been witnessed again and again to treat their pets like their very own birth-child. Often the pet is a cat or a dog.

There is something so pure about dogs that it’s undeniable. Dogs are known for their love and loyalty towards their guardian. They emotionally connect with the house members in such an astonishing way that they can sense how the human friends are feeling. They remain as constant support to cheer you up at hard times and even share your happiness like their very own. When it comes to choices-there are huge choices of dog breeds to choose from.

The French bulldog

One of the most popular pets around nowadays is the bulldog. They are exactly the breed known as domestic dogs and companion dogs category. The bulldog which is french is known to be mild-mannered and extremely amiable. They are exceedingly popular all around the US and the UK.

Just in the previous year of 2020, this breed was the second-most popular dog in the United Kingdom. Jointly they have been the second-most popular in the United States with the AKC registration. In other countries like Australia and France, they are common pets as well. It is much surprising how they have beaten the labrador retriever and cocker spaniel in the fight to popularity.

The favorite brand for bulldogs

The brand which is abundantly trying to care for the Frenchie Dogs around the world is named the company which gets started solely to help out the furry pets is nothing but an angel. The frenchiestore today is a reputed brand that sells health-conscious pet products all around the world.

The pet company is inspired by a bulldog known as Bluenjy. This Frenchie Dog is deaf in the ears but has slowly developed a talent to make up for the disability.Bluenjy is as unique as his name and is adorable. The frenchie store is worldwide reputed for its extraordinary invention which is the Health Harness. The harness has been manufactured and designed keeping the comfort and well-being of the Frenchie Dog in mind.

The most loved Bluenjy

The inspirational dog known as Bluenjy is popular all over the internet suffers from BOAS. The frenchie got a BOAS surgery and at the time of slow recovery, a conventional harness just didn’t fit his needs. This is lead to the invention of the Frenchiestore Health Harness.


The French bulldog is such an adorable and friendly breed no wonders they became so popular in several countries. The vision and morals of frienchiestore are just as pure as the frenchies around.