Learn the carrom double rules to enjoy carrom with friends in teams

Playing carrom is a lot of fun. The game is simple to learn and requires only a few carrom doubles rules and some basic equipment. Carrom doubles is a fun game that is easy game to master. Believe it or not, this is one of the most loved indoor games. Carrom is played on a high, square wooden board that includes lines, arrows, and netted holes as the game’s court. Playing carrom at Getmega is extremely easy! All you have to do is grasp a few simple rules, and everything will fall in place. The rules are almost same for offline and online games.

Are you new to indoor games like carrom doubles and want to learn? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we will enlighten you on the simple carrom doubles rulesand by the end, you will be smiling, ready to defeat your opponent. Let’s get started:

The serving first rules

According to GetMega, to choose the first server, a coin is tossed, or you can use another strategy to decide. The person that wins from tossing a coin is given the first opportunity to serve. Or he can invite his opponent to serve first. The first server must select white and black carrom men to go to the second server in either situation.

Arrangement rules

The first server must be prepared as soon as possible. He should arrange the 19 carrom players, including the queen, in the middle of the board. The arrangement is as follows:

  • First, place the queen at the centre. 
  • Place the black and white carommen to surround the queen
  • The white carrom men are then placed in a way to make the ‘Y’ shape

Striking rules

The first server gets three chances to break the cluster of the carrom men on the first strike. You will have only one chance after the first round is completed to hit the carrom men accurately. The following factors should be kept in mind while making the strike;

  • The striker must be positioned either behind the baseline or on the circle marking the court’s left, right, or centre.
  • The striker should touch the baseline front and back.
  • Just flick your striker using one finger for the striker to cross the front part.
  • One can’t flicker the striker in a horizontal or backward direction.
  • Don’t cross your hand or arm on the diagonal lines, which are foul lines.
  • Only three attempts are allowed on the first turn to break the cluster of the carom men.
  • You get penalized when you miss your target and strike your opponent’s pieces.

Rules for the last coin 

When the player pockets the last carrom man belonging to his opponent, he’s penalized by losing three points and the board. As a result, players must be more cautious in these scenarios and avoid striking their opponents’ final carrom man.

If a player is left with only one piece and the queen hasn’t been pocketed, he is permitted to strike it without penalty; but he can’t pocket it until after the queen. If he pockets his last carrom man before the queen, he loses three points and the table.

Position Rules

  • If a piece has overtaken the other, you can’t move them with your bare hands. Instead, you must separate them using strokes.
  • If the piece has fallen, pick it up and place it in the c of the board.
  • If the piece gets on the edge of a board, don’t use your hands but rather strike it.

Wrapping up

In any game, rules matter a lot, and the carrom doubles game isn’t an exception. To play carrom doubles well at Getmega, ensure you master the carrom doubles rules. They are the gateway to winning points! 

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