Panel blinds are a must-have for any home. These blinds, also called pleated, raised and accordion panels is a great way to add warmth and depth to your space. The fabrics used in these blinds are typically for indoor use only but we have several fabrics that can be used outdoors as well.

The panel blinds consist of a series of fabrics with different shades which is used to control the light and give privacy in the room. They are shaped like a rectangle or square, and can be made from natural or synthetic fibers, fabric types and colors. Their basic function is to govern the amount of light entering into a room as well as providing privacy. Panels come in sizes that may be cut to fit your space, usually having two different heights: one higher than the other.

Our panel blinds and shades are manufactured using a combination of synthetic material, aluminum and vinyl. The design idea is to provide the best quality service to our customers with minimal energy consumption. Panels effectively protect windows from the outside while allowing natural light to penetrate. A well-designed window or door system can help achieve privacy and function as a design statement. Panels may also help reduce solar heat gain, noise, and air infiltration between the rooms.


We have the best option for your home. We deal with panel blinds, fixed pane blinds and custom-made panel blinds. We ensure you get the best quality products at highly competitive prices. Marketing and panel blind the business and the way of selling in marketing. For all the family, how to make this better be able to create a market-friendly product. If you’re dealing with an unruly new baby and want to hide those messy diapers you can use these types of blinds, these are so cute and stylish.

In marketing, you can use panel blinds to make your customers happy. Panel blinds are basically used to cover windows and allow natural light into a room. This will help you increase sales in your store as well as overall business. Panel blinds are one of the most popular household items. The sales success of these products is confirmed by many sales and marketing statistics that show an increasing demand for this item in a market. For example, the top suppliers of panel blinds, such as hunter Douglas, have increased their annual revenue by 30% over the past few years. There are various benefits to buying and selling panel blinds which make it profitable to market these products, including: a large pool of potential customers who can afford to purchase your products has created high demand in a short period of time, thus creating more opportunity for growth.


Common problems with panel blinds are:

  • Tabs breaking and leaving the blinds untighten,
  • Blinds heat up
  • Dust build-up
  • Blackouts
  • Rolled-up blinds
  • Unevenly spaced and
  • Wrinkled edges.