Is a Work Injury in Ashburn Causing Severe Wage Loss – Find Out the Truth! 


Injury at work is an increasing mishap in Loudoun county. It may even lead to long-term health issues (physical as well as mental) and wage loss. With Ashburn workers’ compensation lawyers by your side, the legal formalities are hassle-free. These lawyers are committed to fetching you the rightful lost wage compensation due to a work injury. 

If hurt at work, you are supposed to do the below-mentioned things immediately:

  • Report the incident to your employer at the earliest.
  • Collect all the evidence from the scene of evidence before it can be tampered.
  • Contact a lawyer if your employer denies the claim.

Always remember that the final decision of work injury compensation claim is not in the hands of your employee or insurance company. The companies tend to decrease the worth of your claim or even reject one. This is a very common condition in Ashburn. 

The main reason behind the denial of a workplace injury claim is that the natural of claim is categorized as no-fault claim in Virginia jurisdiction. Therefore, it is advisable to talk with an experienced lawyer instead of giving up.

Types of Workplace Injuries – Tips to Calculate the Value of Claim

Workplace injury is no small thing. The effect it can have on individuals vary according to the type of injury. Some of the most common reasons (and types) of workplace injuries are:

  • Injury due to contact with an object.
  • Over-stress and exhaustion due to repeated micromanagement.
  • Falls, trips, and slips.
  • Injury caused by another employee, intentionally or unintentionally.
  • Electric shocks from appliances, etc.

The intensity of the injury and the compensation it deserves also varies. The value of a claim is not only the lost wages. It includes medical expenses, ambulance charges, rehabilitation expenses, etc. A workers’ compensation lawyer can help you evaluate the claim amount. The victim of a workplace injury needs to be properly educated on this matter. Or else, the insurance companies may try to take advantage by paying very less. 

Why Do You Need a Lawyer For a Workplace Injury Compensation Lawsuit?

Filing a case against the employer or their insurance company is easy. The hard task is pursuing the case. The victim might not be in a position to fight a long legal battle. The lawyers, on the other hand, are relentless in winning the case for you. 

They can help you collect evidence, handle the paperwork, and take you through the legal process with ease. So, don’t think twice before suing the employer who attempted to reject your injury claim with the help of a reputable attorney in Ashburn.