Using the Internet to Sell a Company in India

‘Can I use digital marketing to sell my company secretly?’ ‘How do I use the digital marketing channels in a way that my customers, suppliers, and even employees are not aware that I am selling my business?’ This is a very common question business owners have when they are looking to sell business.

The answer is yes- you definitely can use the internet to sell your company. However, the marketing strategy can’t be very aggressive, as you wouldn’t want to scare your customers or potential buyers. To help you with that, here are some digital marketing methods to sell your company:

Use a Business for Sales Portal

There are some websites where you can put your business for sale online. This will help avoid making unnecessary noise, as not everyone who uses the internet visits those websites. However, make sure that the website you use is responsive, well-known among the business community, and safe for communications. For example, Easy Buy Sell Business India is a business for sales portal where company owners who want to sell their company can create a sales post and potential investors can contact them. 

Email Marketing is Your Friend

Email Marketing or Inbox marketing is very effective when selling your company. With email marketing, instead of bringing buyers to you, you find potential buyers and message them privately. However, you need to research people’s recent interests in buying a company. For example, say someone put a business for sale post on social media, and there is a comment from an individual asking for the price. You can now use that information to message the individual and tell them about your company.

However, when doing email or inbox marketing, don’t spam. Don’t message everyone you know or every email you can find. Spam texts will put your company in a bad light, and you may scare off the buyers.

Online Press

Just like what people used to do in newspapers and magazines, you can do the same in online news portals and websites. Instead of putting a big ‘business for sale’ banner in your website or your company’s social media, post on popular websites in your niche, where there can be buyers. However, remember to be discreet with your marketing campaigns. Instead of putting your company’s name on the advertisements, just say that a company in a specific niche is on sale, and provide your contact information.

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