How to confirm a purchase through the card payments?

Using card payments become very common and many people are using this for their online purchases. In this article, we are going to see how a customer using the websites or the applications for booking the products. Take card payments on the go for the online purchase is the key to connect the seller and the purchaser.

Steps that website purchasing taking place:

When the customer made to enters their wished product in the basket then it will be automaticallay down to the checklist. The page basket list will be on the encrypted SSL for bolstering customer’s confidence. This comes to the first step of purchasing.

Then the customer will shift themselves to the next page by using the respected websites that are called a checkout page. Here, the customer has to fill many of the given options those are starting from the page of account login status to shipping address. After receiving the data all those will send properly to the back-end database. Then it will be wrapped up and it securely reaches the PSP website. In the meantime, the customer who is giving the input also goes redirected to the PSP website.

Here we have to take a break and know what happens with the PSP site. This information of the customer does not directly save as what they give that info will be barely encrypted and reaches to the site but those will not save just as plain content. Now the sellers have to make the functional call to the API [application programming interface] PSP for giving the request to transfer the data. This API requiring a range of parameters which includes,

  • Merchant ID
  • Order reference code
  • The total charge of transactions
  • Currencies
  • Billing
  • Shipping

Now, all these will be sent to the merchant’s site again as encrypted data this will get ready to post on the payment pages that hold the data lately it will get back with a secured key as a receipt which verifies against the transaction items on the customer page.

Payment page:

When customers arrive at the secured PSP payment page, by default these will hold the customer by shoeing up the duplicate fields to make them stay on the pay as much as possible. After that, the customer has to fill in all the card details to move further for the card transactions. Once all these details are done then the customer will be seamlessly ready to get back to the website.

Meanwhile, the customer will take all the decent process to complete their transactions, first as we see before they will fill all their card details, then that page will be redirected to the bank site within few seconds they will be requested for the amount to the bank from their bank through directed nodes. At this point for the confirmation from the bank side, they will send a one-time password to the personal number of the customer. They have to fill that number within the given timing. After giving the OTP the whole transaction process will be done for the confirmation they will get the message from the bank side and also from the merchant side.