The Finest Quality Fan and Espalier Apple Trees

How to Find and Buy Fan and Espalier Apple Trees

Fan and Espalier fruit trees are unique methods of growing. With a fan-trained system, the tree is in the shape of a fan, with a few branches located at the base. This type of tree structure is best for apples, cherries, plums, pears, nectarines, apricots and peaches. A fan-trained tree requires special spacing requirements of no shorter than 8 feet apart. There also has to be a 6-foot height available. These types of trees can be planted to cover a wall or a fence. In fact, it does not matter how long the wall or fence is, as long as it’s sturdy. On the other hand, an if you buy an espalier tree, it has growth that can be seen in two to three tiers. Due to its growth pattern, only apples and pears can be grown successfully with this method.

Buying Apple Trees for Fan and Espalier Methods

As you now know, both methods are great for growing apple trees. The next step is to select the perfect apple tree. The tree needs to be healthy and young. Ideally, it needs to have lower laterals that are suitable for these methods. Oftentimes ready trained trees are very expensive and can be twice as much as a young healthy tree that has not been ready trained. It is more cost-effective to use this method and train the tree yourself. There are so many apple tree options to select from. Let’s take a look at the most lavish and delicious varieties you can grow on your property.

The Delicious Apple Tree Varieties

Let’s begin with the Crispin variety. It has a crunchy and dense texture. This variety is suitable for training into fan and espalier methods. Most would be surprised to know the Crispin variety is actually Japanese, although it grows quite well in the UK. The best time to pick these apples is mid to late October. The next variety we will discuss is the Grenadier variety. It is quite easy to grow and generally trouble-free. The Grenadier variety is a culinary apple and is ideal. It has become a very popular culinary apple to use for dishes and recipes. These are just a couple of examples for the extensive apple varieties you can grow.

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