File For A Divorce: What Are The Things To Do?

Marriage issues have been an issue to a family. Perhaps, it can be one of the reasons why children are affected. Although the spouses have managed to take care of their children, there are still instances that the children are affected by parent’s fights, misunderstanding, and the worst, spouses’ issues. Many spouses have no idea how to end this family problem. Some are taking all the negativity within the family just to have a complete family. However, others decided to take legal actions rather than living a kind of marriage life like hell. What are the best things that a wife/husband can do to end marriage issues, except their responsibilities and obligations to their kids? A divorce lawyer will be the right person to consult about family legal matters.

The right person to consult!

Divorce lawyers are the right persons to consult in terms of family problems. These professionals are specialized in dealing with and solving family problems legally. But, some people assume that these lawyers are the right person to consult with when filing a legal separation or divorce case. Much more than that, these lawyers are the right person or a legal counselor to help fix family issues. Yes, these lawyers are not just professionals that will defend or represent you during court hearings. These professionals are also legal counselors to help marriages still tied or not end to file a divorce.

Is it possible to file a divorce without a lawyer?

In Singapore, filing a divorce case doesn’t require a divorce attorney. There are certain amounts to pay for every agreement made for the following:

  • Writ of divorce
  • Statement of claim
  • Statement of particulars
  • Entering any order or judgment
  • Final judgment for divorce

All these have designated amounts to pay while getting a divorce lawyer pays all that off. You will be paying the lawyer you are getting without any hassle. All those mentioned are to be arranged by the lawyer for you. So, you will be paying to one person, which is your legal attorney.

Get a divorce

Getting a divorce in Singapore is easy and fast. Settling all terms with the spouse is the fastest way to get a divorce. Both of you will be settled once you settle the following:

  • Division of the matrimonial assets
  • Alimony (maintenance)
  • Custody, care, and control issues and more

All these are to be settled and more are concerned, which can be explained and discussed well by the complainant. A mediation process is not needed if you have made a settlement with your partner or spouse.

Divorce procedures

Filing a divorce case follows a certain procedure. It comes with certain stages:

  • Get a divorce. The divorce decides if the marriage has irreversibly broken down before granted.
  • Dealing with ancillary issues resolved (alimony and children assets). Custodial parents must be decided, either the mother or the father. Matrimonial assets will also be tackled, settled, and finalized.

All these will be discussed by the divorce lawyers. Any settlement covered under the family law will be settled legally.