Why Folding Carton Packaging Boxes May Be a Better Option Compared to Corrugated

Folding carton packaging kicked off the carton industry more than a century ago and is today a billion-dollar industry | industry} There are several different types of carton packaging available in the market today. They are made of several layers of cardboard covered with a protective layer of wax or plastic. The thickness of the layers makes a huge difference in the durability of a package. Some also come equipped with self-sticking features. Packaging boxes can be used to pack delicate items like books, DVD’s, CD’s, photographs, artworks and so on.

Corrugated boxes are also popularly known as cardboard boxes. There are several advantages of using corrugated boards. They are quite durable, easy to make, convenient to transport and cost less than wood or plastic packaging boxes. Corrugated boxes can be custom-designed to suit a client’s specifications. Some are even imprinted with company logos, names or designs to make the packing appealing.

While corrugated boxes are commonly used for packaging, there are many other types of packaging materials available in the market today. For instance, there are wooden boxes, corrugated plastic or vinyl boxes, metal, bubble wraps, lined paperboard, fabric wraps and so on. Each of these different types of materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, wooden boxes are light, cost-effective and require little space to store; however, they are not environmentally-friendly.

Plastic, corrugated or vinyl boxes are cost-effective, durable and eco-friendly. However, they are not portable and can be used only for specific purposes such as packing delicate belongings. Corrugated paperboard is one of the best-selling packaging materials used by businesses because of its durability and cost effectiveness. Today, you can find folding cartons in various designs, colors and sizes. Folding cartons are lightweight and flexible and do not cause any damage to fragile items.

Another popular material used in the manufacturing of packaging boxes is rigid box cartons. Rigid boxes come in various thicknesses, designs, colors, weights and materials. They are perfect for heavy or large packages. Meanwhile, folding cartons are also great choices for packaging but because of their lower cost and light weight they are mostly used for light, perishable goods. Lastly, rigid boxes are used in the automotive industry as well as in the food industry for keeping food products fresh and protected.

Today, many innovative and clever manufacturers have introduced plastic-coated paperboard which is a superior quality alternative to traditional corrugated boxes. The laminate finish provides an elegant look and unmatched durability and long-lasting performance. Because it is lighter than most folding cartons, it can easily be shifted around without disturbing the other items being packed inside.

With so many choices, your task of choosing folding carton packaging boxes is definitely not easy. However, with the help of the Internet you can browse websites that offer complete details about different carton packaging materials. With the help of online research, you can make a better comparison between different cartons for your specific needs. You can even get in touch with a qualified consultant in the packaging industry and ask for his expert advice.