Aha released Y movie in 2021 – crime thriller

Cinema is the primary source of entertainment in India. People of all ages, different cultures, and creeds, different regions, enjoy watching movies. With every release of a new film, the theatres all across the country are crowded with people. Even the people from rural areas travel to the cities to watch the newly released movies in theatres. Among all the film industries flourishing in India, Hindi Film Industry also, known as Bollywood, holds the record of producing the most significant number of films every year. The second-largest film-producing industry in India is the Telugu film Industry also, referred to as Tollywood. The craze for Telugu movies among Indians is shocking. There are various Telugu films dubbed in Hindi and other regional languages and released in theatres all across the country after gaining colossal success locally.

Greatly impressed by the Telugu content, many renowned Bollywood directors also make Hindi sequels of many Telugu films. There is no doubt in saying that Telugu films are intriguing and fascinating. They have the power to hold the attention of the viewers from the beginning to the end. Telugu films are the epitome of fun. The movies can lighten up the mood of the viewers. One of the reasons behind the success of Telugu films is that every emotion is beautifully portrayed. Every actor gives their best performance and the crew members also work hard to display the best content to the viewers. Telugu movies are available on various platforms online, Aha being one of the OTT platforms that streams the latest movies in Telugu. Y is one of the successful movies watched on Aha by many.


Y is a crime/thriller film released on 2nd April 2021. It is a Telugu-based film directed by BaaluAdusumilli‌ produced by Yerukonda Raghu Ram, Srinivas Vegi, Murali Mature ‌ under Yerukonda Entertainments. The main cast in the movie is Shree Ram, Rahul Ramakrishna, Akshay Chandra, Gemini Suresh and Kathi Mahesh. VikasBadisa‌ is the music composer Chota K. Prasad is the editor. Shree Ram plays the role of Raghuram, a successful director in Telugu films. His entire life changes when he directs one big flop. The failure leaves him mentally disturbed and distressed. Raghuram’s wife, seeing his situation, suggests hiring a writer. Rahul Ramakrishna, as Balu enters the plot as a struggling writer who narrates a solid story to Raghuram. Raghuram accepts the story but denies giving credit to Balu for his story. The confrontation scenes between Raghu and Balu have been played well by both the actors. Gemini Ganesh played a comic role giving a fun element to the film. The film is simple yet pleasing to watch.

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