A Successful Proposal of Marriage with the Best Engagement Rings

The marriage proposal ring is considered one of the wedding jewelry gifts for the bride and it is the very long and ancient tradition and the wedding customs. According to the old belief, a jewelry box brought by the men of the groom’s family to the girls’ house would often have a necklace, a bracelet, or earrings and certainly indispensable a pair of Cheap Engagement Rings.

Choose the Right Engagement Ring

And as far as you can see the tradition of giving wedding rings has come from, but engagement rings are new in trend, and you are wondering which ring to choose is beautiful, suitable for your loved one and ring for marriage. How much is the kiss, affordable and firmly believe that you will not be able to resist the beautiful female rings.

And a lot of things that you have to invest, spend time preparing for a show that will surprise her for her and the first important thing for you is to choose a suitable suit ring for her and this makes Guys spend a lot of ideas but the effect it brings back for a lifetime.

Our ancient tradition shows that giving wedding rings is custom and custom of people, but even giving engagement rings, they have only been in this country for a few years now. And there are a lot of people who often thinks that because people do not know well, they do not know that giving an engagement ring is different from giving a wedding ring, and many people do not fully understand. One hundred girls, one hundred tastes. However, after years of experience, jewelers can still classify girls into style categories and accordingly suggest which ring model to choose for which girl.

Extremely Sports Type

If your girlfriend is mostly athletically trained (I mean 70% of the time she is in a tracksuit, tights, sneakers), has a job closely related to sports, trains a lot, be guided by the fact that the ring is practical (what I said at the beginning that you do not do). It can have little more grams of gold and be more specific, but I do not advise you to choose a tight ring with a lot of stones. Simple profile is relatively discreet, one central stone, without stones accompanied by a central stone. It can even have a round socket (what holds the stone) so that the stone does not protrude too much. With this type of girl, you can choose a diamond ring from 3,500 dollars onwards. The ring will be discreet enough to fit into such a budget, and yet ideal for this type of girl.

Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring: What's the Difference?

Business Casual

If your girlfriend is getting dressed in a reasonable intensity in the sense that she goes to work tidy, that in her free time she wears sneakers plus jacket or blazer, that you have seen her make-up and hair, but that she can be super natural in a tracksuit, jewelers would advise you classics. Engagement rings with a round stone of a slightly higher profile, 6 dots, and a ring about 4 grams. This is the classic engagement model we see in all the movies. Variations of this model can be that it has 4 dots, a slightly thicker rail, etc. You can see all the suggestions in the pictures. For this type of girl jewelers would not recommend a saturated stone, look from 0.3 ct onwards in diamonds. This roughly means from 15,000 dollars onwards. If this amount does not fit your budget, you can choose a ring in which there are several smaller ones instead of one large central stone. Such a diamond version can cost you around 7,000 dollars. If this does not fit into your budget, choose a beautiful zircon ring, and let the zircon be the size of 1 carat. It will cost you a maximum of 3,000 dollars.

Dressed Up

If your girlfriend is always nicely decorated, frizzy, with make-up, if she is mostly in high heels, she likes to have long nails and you often see jewelry with zircons on it and you have heard several times that she likes ‘bling’, you can take a breather and choose a rich ring that will in addition to the central stone have smaller stones in the accompaniment. The ideal combination is Monika ring, which costs you in the version with diamonds from 10,000 dollar onwards. Depending on how much central stone you choose. Monica in the zircon version will cost you around 3,000 dollars and it is beautiful.

How to Determine the Size of an Engagement Ring

It would be best to take the ring that the girl is wearing on the ring finger of her left hand and take it with us when ordering the ring so that we can measure it and make you an engagement ring in that size. If you are not able to take the ring that the girl does not notice it would be good to roughly know the measures of the girl in terms of height, weight and let us know if she is an athlete. Often female athletes have stronger fists. The average size of a woman’s ring finger is 12 (52). For thin hands it would be 10 (50), and for stronger hands it would be 14 (56) onwards.

If you are not 100% sure which size of engagement rings to choose, no worries. The most common procedure is for the guys to buy the size of the ring that they think will suit, and if it does not fit, after the girl’s request comes to our jewelry store, we measure her finger and adjust the ring size.

Engagement Ring with Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald or Pearl

Sapphire (popular color: blue), Ruby (popular color: pink red) and Emerald (popular color: green) are precious stones and are recommended for an engagement ring if the girl gave a hint that she wants it or if something in the dynamics and development of the relationship means. In the sense that your song is related to one of those stones, there is such a stone in your favorite movie not all scenarios come to mind now. Or if you’ve heard from a girl many times that she really likes Emerald. Also choose an engagement ring with pearls only if you know for sure that the girl is ‘crazy about pearls’. If none of the above, you better stick to white zircon or diamond.


The task of this text is to clarify the techniques related to buying an engagement ring. You can’t stress enough that of all these categories that you love the most, and that your girlfriend will be thrilled and happy with each ring because she loves you.