Training techniques to mitigate unwanted behavior in a French dog

The dramatic eyes and cute face of a French bulldog can easily flutter your heart. The slightly mischievous nature of a Frenchie can catch your attention to an extent that you plan to breed the dog. Nevertheless, a Frenchie can win any one’s heart, and it has been an on-demand breed of dog. Before you even plan to bring a French dog to your home, you must know basics about the dog. Frenchies are sweet, adorable, and funny at the same time. At times, it can throw tantrums on you and not care for you at all. With proper training, the dog will become your friend and abide by each and every instruction. However, it is really challenging to train a French dog but you need to train it. The dog may get out of control and behave in an awkward manner in front of others.

Some unwanted behaviors to mitigate

There are some unwanted behaviors you have to mitigate through proper training. They are:

  1. barking without any reason to your friends and family members. Barking at the guests and friends or anyone is a strict ‘no no’.
  2. The dog can act weird and snap at you when you take away the food he shouldn’t eat
  3. Jumping of a Frenchie dog may seem adorable and you may love it. But, this is not always acceptable especially when you have guests at home. If the dog jumps while playing or catching the ball, then it is alright

The type of training you may impart

When it comes to training a French dog, you may train with a leash or off leash. Again, you may offer treats at times or may not. It is necessary to give positive reinforcement when the dog does something acceptable or desirable. Training must be given as per the traits of a particular dog. Not all French dogs behave same. Therefore, you should watch out for the dog’s behavior and then act. Be patient while training the dog and teach him consistently. Training is an ongoing process, and so there isn’t a fixed time limit to train him.

You must not punish the dog for a French dog is sensitive by nature. If you don’t agree to what he does, you may just raise your voice and speak. Always reinforce the dog for whatever he does. To train a Frenchie dog, you need proper supplies like harnesses, leashes, collars, etc. All these you can get from at reasonable rates.