What are CNC Machining, Types, and Its Advantages?

CNC machining is a common term used for various machining applications. The term CNC stands for “computer numerical control”. CNC machining is a manufacturing method. Wherein pre-programmed computer software dictates the action of machinery and factory tools. Making use of this machine compared to manual machining can increase production speed. Improved safety, enhanced accuracy, and increased efficiency. Most importantly cnc machining can cost savings.

CNC Machining is a subtractive production method. Which employs machine tools and computerized controls. To cut layers of material from stock pieces known as the workpieces or the blank. And creates a custom-designed part. This process fits a broad range of materials. Which includes plastics, metals, glass, foam, wood, and composites. The CNC machine is programmable. And is competent to perform autonomously the operations of CNC machining.

Main Types of CNC Machines:

  • CNC Lathes- lathes are used to cut spherical shared parts or precise conical. Lathes can create a complex design with its centers in which the trimming tool is located. The cutting tool performs to shave off undesirable material.
  • CNC Mills- rotary cutters are used to shape the products by using milling machines. CNC Mills are well-known since they’re able to remove materials. Based on the required angles, direction, and depth. Milling operations include chamfer milling, end milling, face milling. And drilling, tapping, boring, etc.
  • CNC Routers- made especially to be controlled by CNC tech. CNC routers are commonly used to make large dimension parts. It is also used to cut wood, plastic, and sheet metal.
  • CNC Grinders- this machine has a rotary wheel. That frequently grinds the material into the shape requested.
  • CNC Plasma Cutters- cut material using a plasma torch that is powered by electrical arcs. Compressed air and gas. They are used to cut metal.
  • CNC Electric Discharge Machines (EDM)- are used to produce products. That requires a particular shape inside the material. This is processed through frequent electrical releases between two anodes. The two types of electric discharge machines: the Sinker EDM and Wire EDM.

Advantages of CNC Machining

            There are a lot of advantages of CNC machines. As compared to traditional conventional methods. These machines use higher and updated levels of automation and lessen possible errors. While it is cost-effective and increases productivity across the board. Here are some of the major advantages of CNC machines:

  • Consistency- the use of CNC removes human error. CNC machines are accurate and highly consistent in the work they produce. Giving clients faultless products and uniforms. The level of quality and reliability in the work manufactured is much higher.
  • Productivity- CNC mill can be programmed to perform a complex series of actions. So you can move out while the machine is working. This hugely increases your rate of output or productivity.
  • Cost-Effectiveness- CNC machines have a high rate of output. It also lowers the error rates in resulting components. Operators also need less training to run a CNC machine. It can be learned how to use the machine in a virtual environment. Reduces the need for training workpieces. As these machines are widespread and become more famous. Their cost will drop continually.
  • Versatility- in a short time CBC machines can be reprogrammed. To make a completely new product. Making them perfect for short or long production runs. Without it being too costly and time-consuming, you can change programming.
  • Safety- any dangerous safety issues, such as machining error or jam is only harmful to the machine. And not an issue for safety compared to conventional open guard machining.

Overall, CNC machining has marked its reputation in the manufacturing sector. As a useful and reliable way of producing products. So, the best way to have machined parts is to trust a company that has great expertise. That makes sure to produce excellent quality products.