Top Selections of Crab Apple Trees for Sale

When you are wondering about trying new kinds of fruit trees for sale, you may be interested in crab apple trees for sale. Therefore, you can have confidence that Chris Bowers & Sons offers top quality crab apple trees for sale as well as other types of fruit trees for sale. Here are some crab apple trees for your consideration.

  1. Brevipes Wedding Bouquet Crab Apple Trees
    Brevipes Wedding Bouquet Crab Apple Trees are small trees that are beautifully charming. The tree has a type of foliage that is distinctive, as it tends to have a dainty appearance with leaves that are a deep green colour. It is noted that the leaves are tapered and lengthy. The leaves pair attractively as a backdrop for the delicate blossoms that have a shape of a shell and these lovely blossoms are pure white. The fruit of this tree is maroon and is small. This tree produces abundant clusters of fruit to harvest. This tree can reach a height of six feet.
  2. Butterball Crab Apple Trees

Butterball Crab Apple Trees produce white flowers that are brushed with hints of pink. The fruit of this tree is tasty for making jelly. The good quality of this tree is that it is resistant to many different types of diseases. Thus, if you have had diseases that affect other trees in the past, you can have the confidence that likely this tree will be able to remain healthy. This tree has a bushy head and is reliable in producing a generous supply of crab apples that are yellow in colour. In terms of height, this tree can grow to be twelve feet.

  1. Comptesse de Paris Crab Apple Trees

Comptesse de Paris Crab Apple Trees are trees that are usually healthy, which is why many people tend to choose this type of crab apple tree. Thus, though these crab apple trees are medium sized and even sometimes small, they are robust in producing a glorious coverage of blossoms that are snow white in the month of April as well as much fruit during harvest time. This tree is highly desired due to the fact that it produces apples that are oval in shape, which are regarded as having a long preservation time. This means that they will be found on the tree even beyond the Christmas season. This tree has a graceful appearance and can grow to be as tall as nine feet.