Should I push my hemorrhoid back in?

What is a hemorrhoid?

I am pretty sure that most of us today have heard the word hemorrhoids (buasir). Well, it is a common disease and as a fact, nearly three out of four adults will have this condition from time to time. But, what is exactly a hemorrhoid? Hemorrhoids are a condition where there are swollen veins in your anus. This condition can happen due to a lot of risk factors, but the real cause is often unknown. There are two types of hemorrhoid, internal and also external hemorrhoid. As the name suggests, an internal hemorrhoid is where the swollen vein is located inside the anus. Contrastingly, an external hemorrhoid is when the swollen vein is located outside the anus skin. It is very crucial in determining which type of hemorrhoid you are suffering because this will greatly help the doctor in choosing a correct treatment. Having a hemorrhoid will be very uncomfortable, but fortunately, most of the people can recover quite easily from it.

What are the symptoms?

As mentioned above, the symptoms of hemorrhoid might make you feel uncomfortable. Besides, lots of people claim that this condition can often interrupt their ability to do their daily activities and chores. The symptoms will be based on the types of hemorrhoid. Usually, people with internal hemorrhoids will have symptoms such as painless bleeding and also irritation. Because it lies inside the anus, it usually does not cause any discomfort. However, some patients experience pain and irrigation especially during passing stool. For the external hemorrhoid, this type of hemorrhoid will always have more symptoms when compared to the other type. People with external hemorrhoid often suffers from symptoms such as severe pain, anus swelling, hard lump near the anus and sometimes anal bleeding. These symptoms are the usual symptoms that can happen when we talk about hemorrhoids. If you think that your symptoms persist, become worse or fluctuate, it is highly recommended to meet your doctor as soon as possible. There is a chance that you might experience a different type of disease that causes the issue.

How do I treat it? Should I push a protruded hemorrhoid back in?

The most common question that will be asked here is what is the treatment? How do I treat it? This is natural given the uncomfortable symptoms that this condition can give. There are some ways that you can help treat or manage your hemorrhoid. The list below shows some home remedies that you can try to manage your hemorrhoid:

  1. Try taking an over-the-counter medication for your hemorrhoid. You can easily find this medication at your nearby pharmacy or local drug store. Besides, you can also opt to buy at any online pharmacy shops. Make sure you buy a medication that can help lessen or reduce your hemorrhoid symptoms.
  2. Eat more foods that are high in fiber. Foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains are very high in fiber. Fiber is known to help digestion, hence making it more effective for food processing. Due to this reason, it will help ease your anus strain especially during stool passing.
  3. You can also opt to sit in a hot or warm bath. This procedure can help to ease the vein swelling. It is recommended to sit in a hot or warm bath for 10 to 15 minutes every day.
  4. If you do not like or cannot tolerate hot water, you can opt for ice instead. To reduce the swelling, simply press some ice packs around the hemorrhoid site.
  5. In case of a protruded hemorrhoid, you can choose to push it back in gently. However, this will not treat the hemorrhoid itself.