Promoting sanitation and a clean environment in gymnasiums post-COVID-19.

As gymnasiums and saunas start to open the doors after the pandemic lockdown, many changes need to be put in place to adhere to the safety guidelines for both customers and staff. There is more to do than wash hands and use a hand sanitizer. If you are looking for sanitary services for your gym, check out sanitary services KL.

Here are a few sanitary practices that will help you prevent the spread of COVID-19

Ensure proper ventilation

Ventilation is one factor that gets overlooked. Coronavirus particles can float in the air if the room is not adequately ventilated. This increases the risk of infection. Ensure that the ventilation is suitable either by having an extraction system or ensuring the airflow through the regular opening of the doors and windows.

Sanitizing equipment

You can use a disinfectant solution to wipe all the equipment after they have been used. Remember to sanitize high-touch areas like bathrooms, showers, taps, water stations, etc. Make sure that the sanitizing stations are marked for easy identification. It is your responsibility to make sure that your customers and staff constantly follow COVID-19 guidelines. These measures are not only for their safety but for the safety of everyone around them.

Floor marking and signage

Sanitizing stations should be placed throughout and must be marked for easy identification. There should be sufficient spacing between the equipment, and one must effectively apply mandatory social distancing rules. If it is hard to use the compulsory distancing rules, you can limit the no of persons who have entered your gym at one specific moment.

Floor cleaning

You can use sanitizer mats at the entrances and inside the locker rooms to prevent the spread of COVID-19 bacteria. Go for locker room mats that are specifically antimicrobial and can easily be cleaned and washed down.

Disinfect the shoes

Have alcohol swabs at the entry points so that shoes can be disinfected before your customer or staff enters the establishment. Alternatively, you can also have entrance mats added in a pattern like scraping, cleaning, drying, and sanitation mats. These will prevent the maximum level of bacteria from entering the facility.

Keep the match clean.

You can either use government-specified disinfectants to clean your mat regularly, or you can use electrolyzed water disinfectants. But rugs must be cleaned periodically. There should not be any alternate day cleaning or weekly cleaning of the mats. Mats must be cleaned daily or twice a day for extra precaution. If you are based in Johor, you can get floor mats serviced from floor mat service Johor.

COVID-19 has shown us how fragile the human body is. It is our responsibility as civic people of the community to maintain hygiene for ourselves and make sure that everyone around us is safe. COVID19 does not cripple a person; it cripples a country. Thus, it is the responsibility of every person in the world to be proactive in this fight against coronavirus.