Planning To Get A Co-Living Space? Here’s How To Be The Best Neighbour

More and more residents, immigrants, and international students are choosing to reside in a co-living space in Singapore. These residential areas allow them to be with like-minded people and help them cut back on their living expenses. Being in a coliving facility also lets them temporarily live in a fully-furnished apartment with complete amenities and services, allowing them to focus on their jobs and studies instead of looking for everything they need to live comfortably.

However, being in a co-living space in Singapore means residing in a building with strangers. You will have to learn the ropes of becoming amicable with your neighbours to help you live harmoniously with them and allow you to make the most of your stay.

To help you become the ideal co-living space neighbour, here are four tips to follow:

  1. Be Communicative

Communication is essential to building and maintaining relationships. If you want to be friends with your co-living space neighbours, greet and make small talk with them. If you need help with something or have a question or concern to raise, do not hesitate to reach out.

  1. Set Boundaries

Being the best co-living space resident does not mean being the person who always says ‘yes’ to favours and requests. You should set boundaries and communicate what you feel okay and uncomfortable with to help yourself and others respect and recognise you.

  1. Respect Each Other’s Spaces

If you made friends with your co-living space in Singapore, you should not be in their physical or emotional spaces at all times. They should not be in yours, too. You should respect and give each other privacy when needed to keep your friendship in full bloom.

  1. Encourage Cleanliness

Every co-living space in Singapore has communal areas. Whenever you stay in these spaces, do your neighbours and the management a favour and clean up after yourself to keep the facilities dirt and germ-free.

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