Which Flower Makes the Wedding Bouquet Most Beautiful?

Wedding Bouquet

When we think about a wedding, we cannot imagine it without the beautiful fresh flowers. Wedding flowers are one of the highlights of your special day, adding elegance, pop of color, texture, and fragrance. Fortunately, there are many flowers on the list that you can choose to add beauty to your wedding day.

What flowers make the best wedding bouquet? There is no absolute answer to this question because it depends on your taste, preference, and each flower brings their unique charm and attraction. Selecting the right flower comes down to the initial concept you have for your big day. You may want the bold and vibrant flower to lift the spirit or the delicate and light flower to add more subtleness. Mixing both types with a stylish combination is also a great idea.

If you have a specific flower in mind that you love, the other wedding elements such as style, color palette, and budget play a significant role when choosing the ultimate flower for your special day. You can narrow down your choice by selecting flowers that suit your wedding season and theme. It will make your selection process simple and less expensive.

Here are some of our favorite wedding flower bouquets that will enhance the beauty of your day to remember.

The lovely flowers for your wedding bouquets

  1. Roses


Roses are the classic choice for a wedding bouquet. You can never go wrong with this flower that symbolizes love and purity. When you want to convey your romantic feelings for your special ones, you can use roses to show your passion and affection.

Roses may be a common choice, but there are many ways to create a unique and attractive bouquet. Popular as a wedding showstopper, roses are varied in colors and sizes, also available throughout the year. Roses are excellent for any wedding season and theme. But the best seasons for roses are spring and summer.

The three most popular types of roses for wedding flowers are hybrid tea roses, spray roses, and garden roses. Hybrid tea roses are the most popular roses often seen at florist shops. They feature large ornate blooms growing from long stems. These blooms are available in numerous colors, except black and blue.

Spray roses grow in groups of blooms on one branch or stem instead of the ones that generate one bloom per stem. These blooms are five to ten small heads on a single stem and have a plain garden-grown look.

Finally, garden roses are the costly and old-fashioned types. They have thick open heads and delightful scents. The scent is more fragrant than other regular roses, making them ideal for bridal bouquets since you will closely hold them and smell them the entire day.

  1. Peonies 


Peonies are one of the most popular wedding flowers for generations, adored by brides, and sought-after when it is in season. They have the characteristics that attract so many brides, such as their fluffiness and ruffled petals that create a romantic shape for the wedding bouquet. Peonies are available in various pretty shades of pink, red, and yellow, also available in cream and crisp white.

The lush and aromatic peonies are perfect for a spring or summer wedding. These expensive blooms are seasonally available from late spring to early summer, but you can import them in the fall. You can also mix peonies with other in-season flowers to create beautiful centerpieces or backdrop arrangements, a creative way to be mindful of your budget since the blooms are usually pricey.

  1. Baby’s breath

Baby’s Breath

Are you looking for a more budget-friendly alternative to peonies or roses? A symbol of innocence and pureness, baby’s breath is an inexpensive choice to include in your wedding flower bouquet and decoration. There are many creative ways of using the baby’s breath as a wedding decoration to elevate the entire look into something soft and graceful.

When it comes to baby breath meaning, the impression of sincerity, purity, and happiness are the first that come to mind. That is why we often find the baby’s breath combined with roses to signify true and eternal love. The symbol of elegance and grace is also present on the baby’s breath wedding bouquet. These delicate blooms grow from early summer to early fall in most areas.

  1. Calla lilies

Calla Lilies

Also known as the arum lilies, these graceful trumpet-shaped flowers symbolize magnificent beauty. There are two common varieties available of these blooms that originated in Africa. First, a large-headed type with a long and smooth stem, suitable for tall style bouquets. Second, a miniature version, perfect for boutonnieres and small arrangements.

Calla lilies’ long stem and trumpet blossom showcase that sleek and stylish look, giving a bold statement on your wedding day. These blooms also make an excellent wedding decoration, such as placing them in tall vases for a dazzling centerpiece.

The most favored color of calla lilies is cream ivory. The lighter tone will look stunning for a summer garden wedding. Other colors like dark purple will add an edgier touch, especially for cold-weather wedding bouquets. Calla lilies also come in orange, yellow, and pink.

  1. Hydrangeas


Hydrangeas have voluminous and bushy blooms that you can use as wedding bouquets. Whether you want to make a full hydrangea bouquet or combine them with other flowers, hydrangeas radiate elegance and femininity in lovely colors such as pink, purple, blue, or white.

With the shape that mirrors a beating heart, hydrangeas symbolize emotions and perseverance. The blooms are available throughout the year but peaking in spring and summer.