How much does a box of face masks cost?

As the covid 19 infectious disease spreads fast enough to cause millions of deaths around the world, many countries have set their stand operating procedures to curb the spreading of the deadly infectious disease. Some examples of it include always wearing a medicos face mask whenever you are out in the public, maintaining a social distance of 1 metre, limiting the number of customers in an outlet and more. It is extremely important to follow these guidelines strictly to prevent the fast spread.

However, there are many questions on these guidelines left unanswered to the public such as the effectiveness of wearing a mask, which kind of mask? And are there any other masks better than the normal ones? Continue reading the article to get your questions answered at the end.

The cost of face masks depends on the type of mask and the number of masks available in a box. Apart from that, the price range can differ from a shopping platform to another. You can get your disposable masks from online shops like amazon, walmart, wecare and other online pharmacies. If you prefer to get them by yourself, you can easily purchase them from any health and wellness store or pharmacies without any charges for the delivery.

On average, a box with 50 pieces of masks is sold at a range of 7 to 10 dollars. The price range differs based on the type and the region you are currently staying. Do compare the prices with other stores before purchasing them so you can get them from the best deals. Keep reading to know more on how to buy the best disposable face masks and are N95 masks better?

How to shop for the best disposable face masks?


  1. Bear in mind the difference between the medical grade face masks and the non medical grade face masks. Medical grade face masks are commonly called as surgical masks and are used by surgeons or assistants in clinics and hospitals. Non medical grade masks usually come as 1 ply, 2 ply and 3 ply layers. Make sure to get at least the 2 ply mask but three ply face mask is ideal. These three layers are adequate to prevent respiratory droplets from reaching your nasal and mouth regions.
  2. Look for masks with an adjustable nose piece. It is extremely important to have a clip or wire as an adjustable nosepiece as it keeps your nose and mouth regions completely sealed and others from the air you breathe, sneeze and cough. It is also crucial for those with spectacles to prevent fogging on your glasses.
  3. Make sure to buy a face mask that perfectly fits to the nose, chin and mouth comfortably. If it starts to slip or you feel it’s a bit too loose, then you probably need to get a new one which fits right.
  4. Try to commit to a cheaper face mask which is reasonable and affordable for its price. Expensive face mask does not guarantee you better protection against the covid virus, it is all based on how you are wearing it in the public.

Is the N95 mask better than the normal ones?

The N95 mask is called so as it can remove 95% of airborne particles including both large and small particles. It fits tighter than the normal surgical masks however research and studies show that both the N95 and surgical mask are equally effective in filtering the covid virus. Thus, both masks are fine as long as you wear them correctly and always when you are exposed to the virus in the public.