5 Top Tips To Easily Style A Charles And Keith Bag

Charles and Keith bags combine fashion and functionality to create an accessory that enhances your outfits and defines your style. Correctly styling your bag or choosing the right one for your outfit, depending on the occasion, could ensure eyes are drawn all to the right places.

Being mindful of your fashion taste and lifestyle is essential to ensure that you have the bag collection you want and proudly carry it. Understanding how to correctly style those handbags is also an important step towards elegant fashion. Here are some tips to help you style your Charles and Keith bags effortlessly.

Match the bag to your style.

When buying a handbag, choosing a handbag that complements your style is critical. Look into your wardrobe for specific details so that you choose a bag that complements your typical wardrobe. Large Slouchy Tote Bag – Mint Green, for example, can work well for you if you have a more laid-back personality. If you consider yourself more refined, Annelise Double Belted Shoulder Bag – Navy may suit you better.

Versatile is Good

A great tip is picking a Charles and keith bag that goes with your daily events, such as informal evenings, work, or parties. Neutral, flexible hues such as brown, black, tan, or white are good choices to ensure that nothing clashes too heavily with outfits.

Before purchasing a handbag, consider its usefulness for your lifestyle, whether you will carry it with most of your clothes, and how frequently you will use the purse. The Aldora Ruched Shoulder Bag – Black, and the Charlot Bag – Dark Brown are great options that work well with all outfits and are suitable for most occasions.

Make it work with your body shape.

Like any other piece of accessory or garment, it is critical to match your handbag to your body shape. A handbag can often create a slimmer or a wider optical illusion, much like any other piece of garment, depending on its form, size, and placement on your body.

If you want to add width or volume to your body frame, choose a large and intricate handbag, and vice versa if you want to trim it down. For example, if you want to bring out your curves and have a sharper frame, choose the Cleona Braided Handle Shoulder Bag – Light Pink. If you are naturally curvy, choose Philomena Half-Moon Crossbody Bag – Purple to draw attention to the curves.

Mix and Match

When mixing and matching, the most crucial thing to remember is to keep your entire look balanced. If your purse is more flashy and ornate, like the Meriah Swirl-Print Top Handle Bag – Multi, keep your clothing simple to avoid clashing patterns.

Make sure the purse and clothes complement each other so the Charles and Keith bag stays put. Another quick tip is to focus on the fasteners on your bag and clothes, such as metallic embellishments. Matching these is vital and looks good when done correctly.

Pick a Bag Depending on the Occasion

It is critical to match your purse to the event, whether going for a casual event with friends, shopping, a formal occasion or a dressy night out. You can go for small bags like the Daki Chain Handle Hobo Bag – Chocolate for a classy, sophisticated look and choose larger bags like Nina Leather Drawstring Slouchy Tote Bag – Brown for a more casual, laid-back look.

Consider the stuff you will carry when selecting for the event. Every handbag has varied storage compartments for different purposes; this is a great place to start when selecting for the occasion.


Whether a fancy black tie or a casual brunch with the girls, Charles and Keith bags add the perfect luxurious style to complement your outfit and make you stand out from the crowd.