SLOT WINNING TIPS: an expert guide for the beginners!

Playing online slots is very simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to win. The very fact that there are different types of machines indicates that there are different types of strategy. To help you have more consistency in your games, minimizing losses and trying to ensure gains, we have separated some tips that can guide you in your games.

Start with classic machines

Ideally, start with the Classic type of machines. It is simpler, containing only 3 rolls and few combinations of winning results. So you get the hang of it before you go on to more difficult slots. Take the opportunity to understand the mechanism of the game well, being able to notice patterns and schemes to win more often. When you have mastered the Classic machines, you can take a bigger step and go to the Video 토토 총판.

Analyze the RTP and slot volatility

Try to choose a slot online thinking about the RTP and the Volatility of the machine. The higher the RTP the better, as well as the Volatility, but stop and think about the risks that this can bring. High Variance means that prizes do not come out as often as they would if the Variance was low. What you should consider is whether you are willing to risk it. In order not to lose your bankroll quickly, we advise you to choose slots that pay less, but more often at the beginning. This is a long-term strategy, which is quite interesting, for example, for those who have smaller initial boards. After you get the hang of it, focus on those with High Volatility.

Plan spend well

You may have already noticed that winning online slots depends on luck. Of course you have to win first, but there are those who take a few good attempts to get there. With that in mind, your most important strategy should be focused on defining the bank and managing it carefully. Here is a useful tip for any type of bet and investment: set aside an amount that you are willing to lose in order not to get frustrated. Know methods to manage your bankroll.


Playing online slots is cool if you play the right sites. Despite being a simple game, it is not easy to win in so-called slot machines. In addition to being very lucky, it will take patience and persistence. The basic is to look for machines with High RTP and High Volatility, as this can yield you prizes of greater value. But be careful not to spend more than you can. In this type of game it is important to be aware that profits are usually low. Do not gamble thinking about “getting rich”.