Here’s why you need to invest in workplace security in 2022

Following the events of the pandemic, more and more employers are asking their staff to come back into the office. This is being met with resistance, however, over growing concerns of safety and security. 

This has prompted many businesses, like yourself, to consider the services of a facilities management company. These companies provide both cleaning and security services to give your staff extra peace of mind. Like all things in life though, these services come at a cost that can cause many companies to hesitate from taking the plunge. 

So, to help you off the fence, here are our tops reasons why you should invest in workplace security in 2022. 

1. Better safe than sorry

One of the biggest benefits of hiring workplace security is the increased levels of safety it offers your staff. You can choose between security staff, CCTV measures, or a combination of the two. 

The presence of security staff will reduce the likelihood of inappropriate behaviour from people both inside and outside of your organisation. It will also provide your staff with peace of mind for when they enter areas such as dim parking structures, and warehouses. 

This gesture will go a long way towards making your employees feel more confident about coming back into the office. 

2. Deters Crime

It’s proven that the presence of workplace security is a great deterrent for potential criminals. They will reduce the risk of break-ins, vandalism, and other anti-social behaviour. 

Furthermore, they will protect the assets of your business, so you can leave your workspace each day at ease. 

3. Insurance Savings

Insurance is one of the biggest costs encountered in the workplace, however, security staff can help cut your costs in a number of ways. Firstly, simply having security staff and CCTV will reduce your premiums as they act as a deterrent to crime and other activities that may result in a claim. 

Should an incident occur on-premises, they can provide valuable information to assist with claims too. 

4. Fast Response

As great as emergency services can be, they often have long response times. Having security staff present in your office means that in the unfortunate case of an incident, you will have someone on the scene almost immediately. They will have training on how to handle certain situations, so you and your staff know that they will have help in times of need. 


As you can see, there are so many great reasons why you should invest in security services in 2022 for your business. Keep your staff and your assets safe, and call a facilities management company today!