Basic Tips for Maintaining Your AC Unit

Keeping your air conditioner unit maintained doesn’t have to be time consuming and you might actually be surprised at how a little attention to your system can save you money and help keep your system running efficiently.

Save on expensive repairs or tune-ups from the professionals just by following a few simple steps.

Keep the Equipment Clean.

This seems pretty basic but is often a step that homeowners or renters forget about. If you maintain a simple cleaning routine that you perform every few months you’ll be in great shape. Start by rinsing off the air conditioner unit and then one it dries, brush off all remaining debris and vacuum the fins of the unit.

Make Sure You Have A Thermostat You Can Program

With the air conditioner systems on the market today, having a thermostat that you can program is going to keep your energy bills down and save you money. Instead of raising and dropping the temperature in your house up and down, simply program your system to rest at different temperatures during different times of the day based on your personal schedule.

Change Out Air Filters

Air filtration is often one of the most overlooked elements of HVAC maintenance, but it is also one of the easiest things to fix. When you’re performing your regular maintenance, turn off the power to your unit. Let it sit idle for about 30 minutes and then clean off all visible dirt and dust. Then remove the old filters and replace them with clean ones. This will keep your system running efficiently and help save on your energy bill.

Inspect Refrigerant Lines

Every year we suggest that you inspect the refrigerant pipe on your AC unity. Make sure they’re covered with the right layer of coolant insulation. If you notice any punctures, holes or cracks make note of the area and replace the lines.

Use House Fans

Fans inside the home collect the hot air from higher areas of the house and move it around, converting it to a cooler temperature. Installing these systems will help keep your house cool without overworking your hvac unit.

Check Insulation

Having a properly insulated home is one of the best ways to keep your energy bills down. It will keep the cool air in and the warm air outside during those hot summer months. Insulation can wear down or rot over time so checking it every few years and hiring a professional to replace it as needed is something to plan for in the future.

Use Blinds on the Windows

Warm air travels easily into most buildings and coming in through the windows is one of the biggest culprits. Simply standing in front of a window on a sunny day will let you feel just how much of an impact it can have. While this is good in the winter when you’re looking to heat the home, but during the summer months to help keep the extra heat out by using blinds in the window.

If you notice that your air condition is in need of repairs then call a professional to inspect your system and perform any maintenance that’s needed.