3 Things to know about mold and mold encapsulation 

Warner Robins is a beautiful city that belongs to the US State of Georgia. It is known for its pleasant climate, with more than 200 sunny days and 100 snowy winter days. People love Warner Robins for its cozy climate. However, its humid summers and moisture-filled winter provide a cozy atmosphere for molds to grow, which causes the biggest trouble to its people.

It is seen as a big problem in every residential and commercial building’s crawl space which is less exposed to air and light. To solve this issue, there are many services providing crawl space mold encapsulation in Warner Robins, GA. So what are molds, why are they dangerous, and what are the benefits of mold encapsulation? Read further to know the answers to all the questions mentioned above.

What are molds, and what does it do?

Molds are fungi that live on both plant and animal matter. By producing microscopic spores, it can multiply rapidly and spread great distances by effortlessly floating in the air. Its primary function is to break down the organic material. It is, in fact, good for the environment but a major indoor problem. It can tarnish your furniture and other essential home appliances. In the worst cases, it can even cause structural damage to the building.

Molds are considered dangerous to human health as they can cause allergic reactions. Some typical allergic reactions include watery eyes, sneezing, running nose, wheezing, headache, and fatigue. Moreover, mold tends to grow and spread rapidly, especially in the crawl space, when not cleaned regularly.

What is mold encapsulation, and how is it done? 

Under the mold encapsulation process, the affected surface is first scrubbed to remove the moldy surface. However, if the surface is not cleaned for a long time, it is impossible to clear the entire mold.

So, when scrubbing does only the half work, sand woods are used to remove the remaining to the maximum extent possible. It is always best to rely on a professional as sanding the mold is very dangerous as it can be rapidly in the air and easily inhaled.

After this, a mold sealant is applied to control the spread and growth of the mold. This sealing is practically called encapsulation.

Benefits of mold encapsulation at periodic intervals

Reduces humidity 

Most of the houses in Warner Robins are built with crawl space to create a buffer between the dampness and the inhabitants inside the house. But the humid nature built in the crawl spaces provides a conducive environment for the molds to grow. Thus, encapsulation treatment rightly reduces the humidity with its sealant, especially in crawl spaces where mold can grow and rot the wood completely.

Controls pest problems 

Encapsulation does not stop dealing with molds alone. Further, it controls the pest problem as well. Hiring professionals who provide crawl space mold encapsulation in Warner Robins, GA, can rightly give a protective layer and keep your home safe against pests, termites, rodents, and many other insects.

Clears out bad odors 

One of the other problems of molds is the disgusting smell spread in the house from the crawl space. It can also make staying in the house a punishment due to its unbearable smell. Moreover, it can negatively affect the inhabitant’s health when inhaled for a long time. Encapsulation can solve this issue altogether.

Finally, you have all the information regarding the mold, its growth, and the way to control it. If you sense mold growth in your house without a second thought, call the professionals and get rid of it to save your home and your loved ones!