What Is the Perfect Humidity for Growing Cannabis?

Now you have assembled your grow room. You have installed the most advanced LED lights and the right fans, the best marijuana humidifier and a camera for remote observation. It’s still not enough, though, without the correct settings. To achieve the results you anticipate, you need to provide the perfect conditions for growing, and this implies knowing which conditions are perfect.

So, what is the perfect humidity, and how do you achieve it? We assume you have a dedicated grow room where you can maintain the controllable microclimate. So, let’s dismiss any outside influence. It only matters what you do. And this is what to know to do the right thing.

The Best Humidity for Different Phases

Marijuana is quite a capricious plant – in a sense, it requires constant changing of the regime to achieve the best results. Partly, it emulates the natural seasonal dynamics. In the artificial environment, though, you can accelerate and improve its growth by setting the right conditions (like humidity) for various phases. So, what is the perfect air humidity for each?

  • The seedlings require RH up to 65-70%. While the roots aren’t fully developed yet, it’s the leaves that absorb the water from the air, so there should be enough moisture to ease their job.
  • Vegetation: 70-40%. You start with the highest value as the seedlings root down and then reduce it by about 5% each week. Of course, it’s not that strict: day in, day out. But the tendency should be maintained. The reason for this is that now that the roots are quite functional, they can absorb the water from the ground, and the leaves are rather responsible for evaporation and cooling down.
  • By this period, the humidity should be as low as 40-50%. This fosters the forming of the flowers.
  • Late flowering. This period requires the lowest humidity level, about 30-40%. Under these values, the flowers concentrate the most of what you want from them.

More precise values may apply to your particular strain. But these generic rules are golden, no matter whether you’re growing Durban, Jack, Crack, or something more exotic.

How to Control Humidity the Most Comfortably

Of course, following these rules requires some attention. And you’re not always in the comfortable position to pay it to your weed. Are there ways to automate the process? Of course, there are.

First, you better choose a humidifier with a built-in hygrometer. This humidity sensor will give the device some instant feedback. If the RH is below the lower limit, the humidifier will accelerate; if above the higher, it will slow down. If you opt for one without a hygrometer, you can buy an external one.

Of course, manually checking it is annoying. So even if you’ve never been into smart homes, it’s time to set up one smart room. There are many humidifiers compatible with Nest Thermostat by Google. Though connecting them may be a bit tricky, there are detailed manuals online. Well, even a “dumb” one van set smart if connected through a smart outlet.

Second, if you have to be away while it grows, you need to set everything to control your grow room remotely. A camera will help you with that matter (and also with security). You need to position it right, though, to be able to see how the plants grow.

Third, you need to memorize the values for various stages (we know you can Google it as you’re online, but nevertheless). The better you know it, the more freely you can experiment with various strains and algorithms to achieve the best results. Wish you good luck in growing and stable high results!