Tips for Traveling With Your Bike

Once you find great biking trails, you want to be sure that you are disappointed on your biking trip. Taking your bike with you on your next trip requires some planning to successfully get your bike to your destination. Continue reading for some tips on traveling with your bike.

Getting your Bike to your Destination

Having the right bike rack for your vehicle and bike is essential. Do not take the chance of making do with a bike rack that does not correctly fit your vehicle or your bike. When shopping for a bike rack, you need the make and model of the vehicle that you are taking on the trip. Another consideration is the number of bikes that you are taking. You might be taking more than one bike and/or traveling with companions. Once you have that information, you can begin shopping for the bike rack.

Roof Bike Rack

To use a roof bike rack, you might need to install a base rack system if one is not already installed. Once the bikes are securely fastened on the roof, they are out of the way. The bikes will not be visible in your rear-view mirror. Also, the bike will not block your access to your trunk. Often these racks can be used to transport other equipment such as paddleboards or surfboards, which can offset the cost.

However, roof racks are not for everyone. You need to be able to lift the bikes up to put them on top of your car. Depending upon where you are driving and how many bikes you put in the rack, wind resistance and the whistling of the wind can make driving a bit annoying. These racks can also negatively impact your gas mileage.

Hitch Bike Rack

If your car or truck did not come with a hitch, one can be installed. Make sure it can handle the weight of the bikes you intend to transport. These racks are available in a platform or hanging design. Some racks are constructed so you can easily move the rack and access the back of your car. Without that feature, you cannot access your trunk.

Many hitch bike racks can carry multiple bikes. The rack is farther away from the car, so the dings that can happen with trunk racks are reduced. You do not have to lift the bike as high up as a roof rack, which can be an advantage.

Trunk Bike Rack

These are similar to a hitch rack, but they are attached by using straps and hooks that are fastened to your car. You need to secure these straps, so you minimize movement of the bikes. Usually up to three bikes can be put on the arms of a trunk rack. These racks are the least expensive of all the bike racks.

While the bikes are secure, the bikes sometimes bump into each other as you drive. This can cause knicks and scratches on your bikes.

Select the type of bike rack that works best for you. Each of them will get you and your bikes to your destination. Find great biking trails; fasten your bike to your vehicle and enjoy!