Timeless HDB Designs Tips For Your New Home

If you plan to renovate your HDB flat soon, it is extremely important to check up and research – not only on the style/design you want but on interior design firms as well.

Firms that charge below market rate may either take your cash and run, or worse cut corners when doing your renovation. In fact, it might even burn a larger hole in your wallet when your furnishings start showing their age 5 to 10 years later. Here are some tips to make sure your interior designers are reliable and honest.

Check HDB Licensing

Each company providing interior design services in Singapore should be HDB licensed, and it helps when the interior design service is too, since this helps them reach an appropriate design with the guidelines in mind. Checking their permit status and making double sure that they are listed with HDB should be your priority.

As a company licensed with HDB, they should be aware of the limitations and possibilities when revamping your interior. You can visit https://www.swissinterior.com.sg/hdb-interior-design for more information about the process – knowing more about the rules would never hurt!

Get Information on the Design Firm’s Specialty or Expertise

Most Singapore interior designers offer and specialize in multiple types of designs. Some prefer to do farmhouse, natural or Scandinavian design with a modern touch thrown in. Others like to go for minimalist designs, while others are experts at fully utilizing the limited space within HDB units.

Whatever your preference might be, checking out your designer’s online portfolio and reading up about their project history is a great starting point. It is important to make judgements based on their portfolio to see if their aesthetic fits your vision while having realistic expectations. For instance, if a designer agrees to take on your project despite not having much experience in that field it could be a red flag. As mindful consumers, we should also keep abreast if the firm is over promising on what they can deliver.

Be Aware of Where your Money is Going

Many first-time renovators might leave the settlement up to the interior design firm citing hassle managing money – but this might not always be the best option. While down payments and deposits are the norm to deter customers from bailing, being prudent about flat charges are also important.

A company insistent on deposits or upfront payment might point to urgent need for cash liquidity or one that is running short on customers. It definitely would not hurt to probe for more information regarding the breakdown of fees to avoid problems down the line.

Work on a Timeline

Generating a well-planned timeline together with your designer should be a shared priority. While there could be issues with procurement and beginning physical works on your flat, a professional designer should aim to stick to the timeline. On the rare chance that issues and postponements emerge, the services should constantly be in touch so you’re informed at all times.

One approach to see whether a service sticks to deadlines and discusses well with customers is to check surveys from past clients. On the company site, they post all the details about the costing and more. You can then make the choice accordingly and find the best HDB interior designs within your budget.