Oak Furniture Items You Can Go For

There are, on the one hand, the white oak, which occurs in Europe, Japan and the United States, has a yellowish color and is quite thick, on the other hand, the red oak that grows in the United States and Iran, and its color is pink. One of the characteristics of white oak wood is that it is very strong, abundant, very hard and its duration is maximum.

The Variations You Will Find

This makes it difficult for manufacturers to work on it. And often, white oak wood is usually put in places where people want to follow a tradition that the furniture lasts and is hard to treat people, for that reason it is used in making furniture and also in cabinetmaking.

  • At the same time, red oak wood is used to cover the interiors and not the exteriors because, unlike white oak, it does not last long and is therefore of less quality than white oak.
  • To be up to date in decorating your home, you should choose oak wood furniture. They are the furniture that gives elegance and makes the room have a special charm and in turn the parquet floors have a better quality.
  • To decorate the furniture it is necessary that you have knowledge of what you are going to put it on.

It is better to inform yourself what kind of wood you are going to put. Oak wood is very varied, there will be almost 400 types of oak and they are also quite old. Its scientific name is Quercus and the most used classes are the dean gift, the cork oak, and the one that Xico, this belongs to us, to Spain. But most of them have their common characteristics. For Only Oak Furniture these are the options that one can opt for.

Let’s start by decorating the floor with oak wood, the best known is parquet

Why is this type of soil perfect? It is a good insulator, it does not let the cold or heat pass through and it also has an incredible hardness.

  • If you want a recommendation you should use the wild oak. There are several colors and of course the fairly inexpensive one if your rustic house would recommend the Slovenian Oak, although it is more expensive but also in large areas it would cover more.
  • When you decide to put the parquet floor, there are also varnishes that can give us different tones and what it does is that it covers it for longer. So you always get brown tones but now there is a variety that is in fashion which is white and even black tones.

Now we move on to the shape you want the park to have, there are also countless models, based on parallel lines, pictures or making different types of mosaics. You can put it anywhere in the house because it is very cozy, As we said before, it is insulating and lets me get cold but if there is a problem, it is not advisable to put it in the kitchen and, as is obvious, it would spoil more, lumps , etc.


But we think that what most people are not interested in is oak wood furniture. They are the most valued by people who want to have a style with quality tradition and therefore kind of resistance to use dining tables, as we have already said it is resistant for many years even in generations. The best thing is that apart from dining tables there are also appointments, chairs, paradores, countless pieces of furniture.