Mistakes with PATTERN BLINDS

Here are some common mistakes people make when selecting the right type of patterned blinds for their home:

Thinking the blind will be just that; a blind. A patterned blind is not just that, but the entire room is transformed into a space that has no windows or natural light. This can be a wonderful thing for some people, but others may find it too dark, too cold, or even too hot in their rooms.

Not making sure the window is large enough for the blind to open wide enough to let in maximum light. If you have a small window, it’s best to match your blinds’ size with your window opening size. A larger window than you expect could mean that your blinds don’t fit well and you’ll have to purchase new ones later on down the road when you replace the old ones with something bigger.

Not measuring properly when ordering custom-made blinds for your existing windows or doors. Before ordering custom-made patterns for my house, I measured all of my windows and doors and found out that none of them were big enough for me to install custom-made shades on them without making major adjustments to their frames (which would be very costly).


Pattern blinds are expensive. The truth is that the PATTERN BLINDS are made from a lightweight, durable fabric that provides beautiful look and feels to your home. They’re similar in price to well-made wooden blinds but much more versatile and customizable.

You can’t get patterned fabric at the store. The truth is that You can! You just have to know where to look. Many stores sell patterned fabrics in specialty design departments or on their website. You can also buy patterned fabric online at places like BigFloor, The Shade Store, and Blinds2go.

Patterned blinds are hard to install. The truth is that with the right tools and instructions, installing patterned blinds are easy and fast! You can buy replacement slats from your local hardware store or order them from the manufacturer directly if you have an existing blind that you’d like to replace with a new one. The company will send you all of the hardware necessary for installation; you’ll also receive step-by-step instructions on how to install your new blinds so that you can get started right away!


Pattern Blinds are the most common type of window treatment. They have a pattern on the fabric, which can be decorative and/or functional. Patterned blinds come in many different styles and shapes. The most common are Roman Shades, which have fabric that is gathered at the bottom, but there are also tab-top blinds, roller shades, and pleated blinds.

Patterned blinds also come in a variety of materials including wood grain vinyl, suede vinyl, and bamboo. The material you choose will depend on your style preference as well as the size of your windows. If you have small or large windows, you may want to consider different types of patterns for your window treatments.