IGT and Micro Gaming as providers of progressive jackpot slot machine

Most of the situs judi slot online24jam terpercaya will have progressive jackpot slot machines from the Micro gaming and IGT manufacturers and thus, important to know about these two providers.

Micro gaming

The micro gaming is known to be the most famous progressive slot machine provider since they hold the world Guinness book record for having the highest payout for online jackpot ever paid. It was won in October 2015 by John Heywood, who won more than 13.2 million pounds when playing on the Mega Moolah. He used a bet of 25 pence.

So far, since 1998, Micro gaming has paid out more than 1.3 billion pounds in the winnings for progressive jackpot across more than 18 million single jackpots. The reason why people tend to like the Micro gaming progressive jackpot online is that, they tend to be quite strict with their company policies which favor most players.

All the Micro Gaming jackpots have to be paid all as soon as the jackpot is verified. It is a rule which supersedes any terms and conditions for any casino. If you happen to be playing with a bonus fund for example, you can collect the jackpot before having to meet the requirements for wagering. But it is a rule that applies only to the jackpot prizes and not to the base games.


It is one of the largest manufacturers of slots in the world. The company was started in the year 1975 and thus, has experience for creating both the online and land based slot games.  Since they are operated in both online and land-based casinos, you can enjoy their games in both places.

The IGT doesn’t have a lot of real money progressive slots with the Wheel of Fortune and Megabucks being their options which are prominent.