How Much Does It Cost If You Want to Ship Your Car?

There are a lot of factors that decide the car shipping cost and it can be anything from $500 to $1,500 depending upon where you are transporting and what kind of vehicle it is. If it is cross country then the price can be even higher depending on which country you are shipping to.

The size of your car will also make a difference in the cost of shipping even for average-sized cars. For example, the average cost may be between $650 and $850 for transporting a sedan between New York and Florida. To transport an SUV for the same company may cost $800 to $1,100 for the almost same distance.

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Let us try to answer a few of the frequently asked questions regarding the cost of shipping your car through any car shipping service.

What will be the average cost of shipping a car per mile?

Although the average cost of shipping a car may vary from company to company however to get a budgetary estimate you may consider the average cost to ship a car on a per-mile basis is approximately $1.38.

Based on this budget you must enquire from different companies and after looking at their terms and conditions you must finalize one.

Do car transport costs vary too much based on the shipping company?

Yes, as already mentioned before, car transport costs will depend on the transport company that you will choose. Most car shippers will look at factors such as:

  • Transport type
  • Distance to travel
  • Condition of the vehicle
  • The season when you are transporting.

What will be the average cost to ship a car on an open carrier?

Usually, by default, all cars are sent through an open carrier only. The cost of an enclosed carrier is usually quite high and it will depend upon what kind of car you want to transport.

The average price for shipping a car on an open carrier will be approximately $710. If you are sending to a cross-country destination then shipment costs can be just over $1,000, while just a trip of only 150 miles may cost you about $360.

Does car shipping cost consider being too high?

As such, shipping costs may vary from company to company which may go 10 to 30 percent higher for a very reputed company. Any most affordable car shipping companies will be able to ship your car by paying an average cost of about $790, while if you go to any highly expensive transporters then for the same car you may be charged over $1,050.

Will car shipping price increase with the size of a car?

Yes, the size of your car can affect car shipping prices. Usually, a bigger vehicle will take up more amount of space on the transport truck. Also, heavier vehicles may increase the carrier’s gas mileage. So, both size and weight of the car will impact your final cost.