How Do Airless Pump Bottles Work?

When it comes to cosmetic packaging, nothing stands out more than airless pump bottles. Unlike traditional plastic pump and spray bottles that utilize a plastic tube inside of the bottle, airless bottles feature a vacuum design that requires no internal dispensing tube. Not only does this type of design give your airless bottle a clean and sleek finish, but it also bring along a significant amount of benefits in terms of usage and sustainability.

The first time you see an airless bottle, you will directly notice it’s different compared to regular plastic sprays and pumps. Their sleek and unique design makes these bottles stand out as it gives them a high-end appearance. Although their premium design is one of the reasons why airless bottles are so popular among cosmetic brands, they bring along plenty more benefits. Throughout this article, we will have a look at how these bottles work and what benefits they bring along for the end user.

To understand the benefits of airless bottles, you first need to know how these unique bottles work. Unlike traditional spray and pump bottles, airless bottles feature a non-pressurized vacuum dispensing mechanism. This dispensing mechanism features a mechanical pump, thanks to which the use of a traditional tube dispensing mechanism is no longer needed. The main difference is that, instead of having a dispensing tube, airless bottles feature a disc located at the bottom of the bottle. Every time with you press the pump of your airless bottle, the vacuum interior causes this disc to slightly move upwards. When the disc moves up, the product stored inside of the bottle will move up as well – causing it to dispense through the pump. This unique dispensing mechanism makes the use of the use of an internal tube obsolete.

When you want to look at it from a technical perspective, it can be said that the airless dispensing system combines a mechanically-active pump with a specifically designed container. After this container is filled, its unique pump allows you to dispense of the product inside without any intake of air. This is possible as the airless bottle have no dip tube that injects air, but rather a disc at the bottom that rises up slightly every time you press the pump.

Because airless bottles allow you to dispense of your product without any air or moist entering the packaging, they are perfect for storing sensitive products. Think for instance about natural creams, serums, foundations, and other types of preservative-free formulations that cannot come in contact with air. By creating a vacuum environment, airless bottles increase the shelf life of this type of products significantly. Besides, the bottles ensure that the quality of the goods store inside remain the same up until the very last drip is used. All-in-all, airless bottles offer a clean dispensing mechanism that does not only look good, but is also better for preserving the quality of the products inside. Because of this reason, many packaging professionals believe that airless technology is the future of cosmetic packaging.

Now that you know how airless bottles work and what technical benefits this brings along for the products stored inside, it’s time to have a look at the user benefits airless bottles create. Besides the fact that airless bottles simply look stunning and help you preserve the product inside, they bring along a number of added benefits. Perhaps the biggest benefit of these is that airless bottles significantly reduce product waste.

Because the product inside airless packaging is pushed upwards by a disc, you can be assured that no product is left inside of the bottle after usage. The disc perfectly cleans the bottle by pushing up every last bit of product stored inside. At the moment you press the last bit of product out of the bottle through your pump, you can be assured that the bottle is 100% empty and no product is left inside. This is a massive benefit over traditional pump bottles which often leave leftovers. This happens because with traditional bottles, all the product stored below the pump tube does not get dispensed. As a result, a significant amount of crème, lotion, or serum remains unused at the bottom and around the sides of the bottle. Of course you are able to empty the bottles completely by opening them up and using a special tool. However, this is not only a messy process but also affects the quality of the product inside as, when opening the bottle, air and moist will enter which may cause the product to lose its effectiveness.

Besides looking good and minimizing product waste, airless bottles are furthermore a sustainable choice of packaging as they can be reused. After the bottle is empty, you can simply use a long pin to press the internal disc back down to the bottom. Once the disc is back in place, you give the bottle a quick clean, and they will be ready to be used again. Airless bottles are often made out of thick and durable materials, giving them a long life. Thanks to this, they can be used over and over again. By reusing your airless bottles, you will be able to significantly reduce your company’s impact on the environment.

If you’re looking for a unique packaging for your cosmetic creams and lotions that brings along countless benefits in terms of product preservation, usability, and sustainability; airless bottles are a perfect choice for you. Just as with any type of packaging it is, however, recommended to first get some samples and perform a stability test with your product inside of the bottle just to make sure that your product is suitable for airless packaging. If it is, airless bottles offer a great tool to add a unique and premium touch to your product line.