Five most expensive places to buy property in Egypt

5. Sheikh Zayed

This is a city which is located in new Giza. It was established in 1995 after a grant from Abu Dhabi fund. Sheikh Zayed is only 25 km from Cairo. This area is known for its quietness and extensive gardens. People also settle here because of the temperate climate which many say is more comfortable than conditions in Cairo. All of the necessary facilities are available such as markets, hospitals and schools. Sheikh Zayed is a very well-planned settlement although there are some who feel that it should have been closer to the center of Cairo. There is also the problem of traffic congestion which can be very problematic. Villas for property cash buyers can cost approximately US$6 million.

4. New Cairo

New Cairo City is the more vibrant part of Cairo. This is on the eastern side of Cairo and there are several up market residential settlements. Many people talk about the settlement or the fifth settlement which is not correct because those areas are a separate district in New Cairo. A lot of careful planning has been invested into New Cairo something which is not always the case when it comes to the rest of the districts in Cairo. Most people love the low population numbers, quietness and wide streets. There is also an excellent variety of schools and universities. A villa can be purchased within 7 days for just over US$7 million.

3. Al Manial

This is one of the oldest districts of Cairo. It is also one of the most affluent districts. It lies between Cairo and Giza. Because Al Manial overlook the Nile River its temperature is more moderate compared to Cairo and surrounding areas. People in the area are also very zealous as far as their heritage is concerned. The reason for this is probably the high social and cultural level of people living here. This is also why this is one of the most expensive areas in Cairo. There are a large number of museums, palaces, schools and also mosques. Villas can cost approximately US$7.8-8 million.

2. Garden City

This is another very affluent district of Cairo and it is located near the downtown area. This is where most of the buildings provide a view over the Nile Corniche. One of the identifying characteristics of this area is the circular design of the streets. This is also one of the oldest districts which have been consistently maintaining very high standards but there are also many foreigners living here. There are several important landmarks such as churches and mosques and the Egyptian Parliament. There are also several schools, hotels, banks and embassies. A villa in Garden City for a quick sale in as little as 7 days can easily cost US$9 million or more.

1. Zamalek District

This is one of the most affluent districts in the West of Cairo. It also provides people with a view of one of the islands situated in the middle of the Nile River with the name of Gezira. Interestingly Zamalek is actually a Turkish word which simply means wooden nests or huts. There was a time when Zamalek was little more than a mud island which was frequented by fishermen. Nevertheless Zamalek is in a good location between Giza and Cairo. There are several bridges which makes it possible to quickly travel to different areas. Villas can cost approximately US$10 million.