Accident in Boise: Should you think of hiring an attorney?

Idaho is an at-fault state. If you were injured in an accident, you could have the scope of seeking compensation from the at-fault party. Instead of filing a claim with your own insurer, you would be filing a third-party claim. In the ideal world, you should get a fair settlement for the injuries and losses you have suffered because of the other driver’s negligence. Sadly, things are rarely that simple. To protect your rights and interests, you must definitely consider hiring a Boise Idaho auto accident lawyer. In this post, we are sharing more on when seeking legal help would help. 

When you are at fault

If more than one driver is at fault for a car crash, the contributory negligence laws come into play. In Idaho, you can claim compensation from the other driver, only when you are not more at fault. If your fault share is over 50%, you cannot get any settlement from the other party or their insurer. If your fault is minor, you can win a settlement, but your eventual compensation would be reduced by the percentage of your fault. For instance, if you are 10% at fault and were given $10,000 in a settlement, you can only get $9,000 as the final payment. 

Insurance companies are usually unfair

That’s the sad truth. Claims adjusters have their ways of getting statements or asking victims to consent to certain forms and documents. If you had a share in fault, your accident claim may be denied or delayed on flimsy grounds. In such circumstances, you may end up getting nothing at all. There is also the statute of limitations. In Idaho, you only have two years to file an accident lawsuit. If the insurance process is delayed, you may end up losing your chance of filing a civil lawsuit. 

A lawyer can help

Accident attorneys know what it takes to find info after a crash. They can gather evidence, talk to experts and witnesses, and take necessary steps to protect your rights. The lawyer will deal directly with the insurance representative, and therefore, you can avoid the nasty mistakes that people make. The best thing is your lawyer doesn’t get paid if you don’t win. As such, if the attorney cannot win a settlement for the accident claim, they cannot twist your arm for a fee. 

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