My schedule has been off since the kids have been on summer break.  I miss my daily routine of dropping everyone off at school. Then onto the gym, where I hop on the treadmill and walk/run like a mouse on a wheel!  It’s calming, therapeutic, and allows me to gather my thoughts for the day.  I thrive on chaos and am a multi-tasker to the tenth degree.   While working out,  I plan the rest of my day, and then I hit the door running errands, shopping and finally picking up kids in the afternoon.  I don’t have time to change clothes.  I need a comfortable bra that is supportive during my workout!  My sports bra needs comfortable even after my workout is done, while I finish the rest of my day! Introducing my newest fabulous find ~ The Coobie Seamless Sports Bra! coobie 1
I absolutely love the fabric my Coobie seamless sports bra.  It’s super soft and molds to the shape of my chest.  It’s supportive in all the right places, without smashing my chest down like all the previous sports bras I ‘ve had.  Available in 6 different colors for only $22!  That is quite a bargain.  The Coobie seamless sports bra is made in 3 different sizes!  You can choose from small, medium, or large with a guide on the website to help you select your appropriate size.  I found the size guide to be very accurate.  I adore the color(it’s my favorite), it fits perfectly but most of all the seamless sports bra is comfortable before, during, and after my workout!  If you would like to learn more about the Coobie seamless sports bra or any other Coobie bras(they are amazing as well), click here to visit their website!

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